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US Hands Redacted Torture Videos to Court, But Will World Ever See Them?



I am sure that GWB's henchman, John Choon Yoo redacted at will before he left his post and all successors followed suit. "He is best known for his opinions concerning the Geneva Conventions that legitimized the War on Terror by the United States. He also authored the so-called Torture Memos, which concerned the use of what the Central Intelligence Agency called enhanced interrogation techniques including waterboarding."


Redacted videos. Then clearly the court should focus on what they were not allowed to see.


Just can't wait for the day when our elected congress critters and senators past and present have to surrender themselves along with the last two presidents, vice presidents and attorney generals to be force fed by prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, Abu-Ghraib and Bagram prisons. Perhaps then we can have a little peace in the world, whether our elected officials survive their feedings or not!