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US Has Knowingly Sent Migrants and Refugees to Danger in El Salvador for Years: Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/05/us-has-knowingly-sent-migrants-and-refugees-danger-el-salvador-years-report

It important to remember that this was happening during the Obama administration as well. That both Democrats and Republicans follow the same policy normalizes that policy.

Once that policy normalized then as far as the media is concerned it becomes a “radical or extremist” act to reverse it.

This is why they go after Sanders as a radical and extremist. Sanders proposes policies that would reverse that which was once unacceptable and has since become normalized.

To hell with Centrism.


Hate has no conscience. They don’t care.


Only WW2 Germany had a worse affinity for white folk. Will we ever get over our feeling superior to people of color. To take a page from republican book of hate, “If you don’t like them whitey, move.”

For Teflon Don and his many enablers, Cruelty Is The Point.

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here is my:
US has knowingly sent soldiers and marines to danger in … korea, okinawa, bavaria, poland, middle east, central america, africa,

Maybe Italy and Greece too, but I am not certain (wink).

Funny how “Teflon” turned out to be toxic to humans.


I wonder if the “Avengers” series will ever do a movie of “Bizarro World.”
They could cast trump for the lead.