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US Heads for Political Showdown with UN


US Heads for Political Showdown with UN

Thalif Deen, IPS News

The United States has had a longstanding love-hate relationship with the United Nations ever since 1952 when the world body began operations in New York city on an 18-acre piece of land which housed an abattoir where cattle was being trucked daily for slaughter.

The late Republican Senator Jesse Helms, a fulltime chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a part-time UN basher, once said “providing funds to the UN was like pouring money into a rat hole.”


In the USA some believe in the Golden Rule, and some don't.


Well perhaps it might be time to move the UN to China who, along with other wealthy nations can make up the US 22% of the budget. Bit by bit the US is isolating itself.

Regarding the bipartisan outrage in the Congress it is nothing more than a clear signal that Republicans and corporate Democrats should be removed no later than midterm elections.


Time to move the UN to New Zealand. I suggest Invercargill as Wellington is on a major fault and Auckland is too expensive.


"And Senator Tom Cotton (Republican-Arkansas) warned that the UN and “nations supporting the resolution (against Israel) have now imperiled all forms of US assistance.”"

This is a recurring theme applied to many situations and repeated many times, almost verbatim, since 1945.

William Blum's updated version on US military and CIA interventions since 1945 confirms this rude and arrogant behavior throughout a long and detailed book that has been translated into several languages.


What's going on here?

Is Obombem still angry with NutandYahoo for not kissing his ring? Cool. But this UN action is just a resolution right? It has no teeth?

IsNOTreal and the AshkaNAZI's are going to exterminate the actual-Semitic Palestinians and there's nothing we can do about it except boycott McDuck's Hamburgers, BigBuck's Coffee and Tom and Jerry's Icecream (either Israeli owned, or operating in the occupied territories.)

This is a replay of the Native Americans and the Ten Little Indians ditty:

Ten Little Indians, and then there were nine
Nine Little Indians, and then there were eight...

Meanwhile, back at the largest open-air concentration camp in the world, the Gaza Holocaust goes on and on and on....


Thanks for the names ... My memory remembers and I don't need to think about it. 100% cannot forget even one of a billion boycott brands. Trump will be a good example of a brand name that made it to the top, crested, and then crashed, like a wave on the beach. Gone forever.



But average Americans don't buy Trump Hotel Rooms, Trump Motor Yachts or drink Trump Champagne right? But a boycott against dangerous, fake fast food would hurt those who behave exactly like Nazi's.

In my post, I was just trying to figure out all the latest aggression by Obama. There's always been bad blood between NutandYahoo and Obomber, but I'm not sure why. This no-vote appears to be Barry's parting shot.

Perhaps the resentment of NutAndYahoo is related to how things fell apart in Syria? Or is it because NutAndYahoo skipped Barry and went straight to the US Congress with his Iran scare speech and cartoon bomb?


The US sends money all over the world for influence, while children in this country starve and millions live in poverty. As mentioned here, it may not be such a bad thing to not be the major supporter of the UN and likewise not have the influence that is so damaging sometimes. It's always disappointing when an important vote in the UN is vetoed or influenced by the US and isn't passed and we know the media here is spewing misinformation around the world to suit it's needs.
Trump doesn't have the answers but he does have the ability to break up long standing traditions like this so that when he's gone they can be fixed rather than, like Obama, just go along to get along.
For Obama to abstain from the vote on Israeli occupation is shocking and welcome. It seems somewhat out of character for him, but it needed to happen. Wish it had some teeth though and he had done this and more years ago.


I agree that a new financing regime would be beneficial for the United Nations.

No nation should be allowed to contribute more than 10% of its annual operating dues - that's a start.

And the UN headquarters should move out of New York - another good move that would be.

I just read a truly sickening article in Canada's Globe & Mail.

Unfortunately the Globe is so managed that the article is not free.

It is by Ian Brown, about Trump in Palm Beach, and the truly diseased people that live there.

Take your pick - it is the movie "Avatar" or "The Hunger Games", "Divergent", "Matrix", etc... - all these movies see the way it truly is.

I have been thinking, on this last day of the year, who would go in to be a politician, a lawyer, a millionaire, a billionaire, a wannabe any one of these, divorced from solid hard physical work either inside or outside ?

Who on Earth wants a situation where cars are driverless - where there is a guaranteed annual wage, where people are effectively rendered irrelevant - unnecessary - a burden - hence externalities to be eliminated as quickly and quietly as possible, by the very same diseased people seen in Palm Beach and its many many fractal communities - such as suburbia ?

To cut to the chase - the problem we face as one year gives way to another is not climate change, or war, or disease, or any other existential threat - we have always had these - and we have always prevailed.

The problem is much much more intractable - it is - how to phrase it ?

It is being civilized.

From the heart, Manysummits in Calgary.