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US History of Coup-Making Overshadows Obama's Outreach to Iran, Latin American Left



As though anything that Obama says or does matters.



"He went on to promise his neighbors that the days in which the US felt it could meddle with impunity in their affairs were over."

Did he tell the CIA, NSA, DoD, HSA, FBI, DEA, et. al.?

Oh, sorry, I forgot. He takes his orders from them.


And they take their orders from Wall Street banksters.


The larger issue is the future of socialism in Cuba. Unfortunately, the Castro brothers never made any progress toward democratizing their brand of socialism. The fact that when Fidel became too weak to govern,the only one he turned to as a successor was his brother. Was there really no else? Had all the other possible leaders been eliminated, as Cienfuegos was so long ago?

Granted, Fidel was never a psychopathic dictator like Stalin, but he was a dictator whose ultimate source of power was sheer force, however judiciously it was applied. Of course, there were many benefits of the socialist dictatorship,notably in health and education, but it remains to be seen how many of those benefits will survive when Raul passes away.

As for Obama, his actions and words can do no harm at this point, which is more than can be said about his predecessors all the way back to Eisenhower.