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US Hits Milestone of 2 Million Home Solar Installations, To Double by 2023

US Hits Milestone of 2 Million Home Solar Installations, To Double by 2023

Juan Cole

Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) just released a report showing that there are 2 million solar home installations in the United States. That is enough to power 12 million homes. (There are 127 million households in the US, and about 64% of Americans own a home).

It was only in 2016 that the country hit 1 million, after 40 years of the new technology.

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Perhaps before I die, I too will have solar panels on my roof.

It will certainly be a worthwhile investment.

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As Yvon Chouinard points out in this fascinating article of his, depending on the publicly traded corporations or their bought and paid for governments to bail us out of this Anthropocene crisis is wishful thinking - veritable pie in the sky.


Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard: ‘Denying climate change is evil’

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I was first impressed with solar when reading about how China went into Africa and made small solar collectors so that people who lived away from the cities could power their cell phones and even have have lights at night.


Go for it.

I got a 10kW system in 2013. I will have paid for itself in 2021.

Burning about 1200kW per month, my average bill $15/mth. You just need that upfront investment.

Most solar companies also offer leases. With a lease you don’t have to worry about warranty as the solar provider owns the system and warranty will be covered for the length of the lease.

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I have a 5.6KW system put in 2011, which is one of the best INVESTMENTS around. And it helps the climate crisis too.


even costco is selling home solar systems now!

But watch out for Association / town rules before you buy.

Yea, that damned initial investment…

Curious, what was your initial investment and did you have to take down any trees to do it?

If I won the lottery (initial investment) I might have to do some serious pruning

I paid the whole 20yr lease up font $10k. No trees around my house.

System is guaranteed to produce x amount of electricity every year. If it don’t i get a check for the difference. They did pretty good job at estimating. I usually get about a $40-$50 check every year.

lease? interesting . So you don’t own the equipment. Does it cost you to upgrade equipment during the lease if technology improves over the 20 yrs or is that included? Improvements have to be almost annual at this point

Nope don’t own it. I have the option to buy it outright at lower and lower prices over time. Not gonna do it tho. After 20 years they gonna come retrieve it.

Upgrades are extra if want to. Like a battery to store extra power. Battery technology is still expensive tho and not worth it financially. Will prolly go down over the years. Plus, my grid supplier pays me full price for all the energy i feed back and have my main house circuits hooked up to an inverter genny in case of prolonged power failure.

Damned interesting

Wow, you’re an “early adopter” more or less.

I had been following solar prices since about 2008 and finally took the plunge in 2013. It was a totally financial decision.

Good point, depending on the state laws as well. In TX where i live we have a law that prohibits the Homeowners Assoc from imposing limits on solar installations if they decrease production by more than 10%.

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I’d love an electric commuter car with solar panel recharging carport combo. Also, if the car was three wheeled with two wheels up front, one in back and sat no more than 2 people or 1 person and generous cargo space for a load of groceries.

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Hi manysummits: I like what Mr. Chouinard said about change; that when ysou change the Consumers, you change the Congress and that changes the Corporation. I suppose it does work like that. : )