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US House Applauded for Approval of 'Sweeping' Provisions That Target Toxic 'Forever Chemicals'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/12/us-house-applauded-approval-sweeping-provisions-target-toxic-forever-chemicals

More good news, but such change comes slowly.

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Is this really how low we are going to set the bar for Nancy Pelosi’s congress? We’re going to try and sneak a little environmental provision in to a defense bill, one that won’t see the light of day in conference committee, and then claim victory?
So, the party responsible for the New Deal, the Great society, the creation of social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the EPA, THAT party, now wants to take a victory lap for declaring one group of chemicals hazardous to our health? A group every one has known was dangerous for decades? A group that you could have addressed in 2009 or 2010 and actually made it Law?
Jeebus Christ on a cracker! The Democratic Party has lowered its expectations to “ Look Mommy, I didn’t shit my pants today!”


I would say they are moving at a glacial pace, but the glaciers seem to moving pretty quickly these days.


Only one small segment in the long list of deadly toxins we ingest or are exposed to. What about the rest? I’m not applauding any of these people.

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Debbie Dingell was forced to get active on PFAs after a major river in her district – I live in MI12 and just a couple blocks from that Huron River, I swim over there several times a week – was declared to be polluted as hell with them.

And that’ll be the story of taking on climate chaos. Wait until it’s too late (it already is), then pat yourself on the back for CYA agreements like the Paris Accords.

I used to swim the creeks and rivers around western PA when I was a kid. Of course we found out later that there has been a don’t eat order on fish caught in the three rivers since the 1960’s because of all the heavy metals and PcBs dumped into them by the steel and coal industry (it may explain why I had cancer when I was 22:)
I feel you. We won’t change until we’re on the precipice. And with Global Warming once we’re there, it’ll already be too late.
We may be there already

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Author sez:
“Additionally, the provisions would limit the discharge of industrial PFAS into drinking water …”


The cynic in me has a whole lot to say about this legislation, but I’ll just leave that one word hanging there while deferring to @BigB for the heavy lifting here.

We have already passed the precipice! The Science Community has stated it as Fact. But, people would rather believe the bullsihite News that calms us, saying we have until 2050. I don’t believe there is one body of water on Earth that is safe to swim in, let alone drink!

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