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US House Squashes Yet Another Attempt to Expand Patriot Act Powers


US House Squashes Yet Another Attempt to Expand Patriot Act Powers

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A bill critics said would expand Patriot Act surveillance went down in the U.S. House Monday night after failing to garner the necessary two-thirds support of the chamber.

The "Anti-terrorism Information Sharing is Strength Act," HR 5606, would have amended the USA Patriot Act to allow financial institutions to share information with law enforcement agencies and one another regarding suspected "activities that may involve terrorist acts, money laundering activities, or a specified unlawful activity."


Alas, what an Inverted Totalitarian System it is when it's Libertarians who act as the last bulwarks against Full Systems Control by the Military-Surveillance-Control State.


Dear NSA, I used my credit card to buy an explosive that I put in my car yesterday. I expect to buy more next week and more the week after that. Now you don't have to go to the trouble of asking the financial institution that issued me that card.


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Indeed, its not like they'll be arresting any bankers for actually laundering money or providing financial transactions of weapons sales to terrorists.... If they were serious about it, they would have been doing so a long long time ago! The real saying should be "Too crooked to jail"!


Thank you