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US Housing Crisis Inexecusable, Says Bernie Sanders, When Wall Street Bailed Out After Financial Crisis

US Housing Crisis Inexecusable, Says Bernie Sanders, When Wall Street Bailed Out After Financial Crisis

Common Dreams staff

BURLINGTON—On the third and final day of The Sanders Institute Gathering on Saturday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) led a panel of experts and advocates to discuss the crisis of, the solutions to, he says, "that gets far too little discussion": the nation's housing crisis.

In an era of unaffordable housing, gentrification, and discriminatory housing policies, the panel conversation explored the "innovative initiatives including land trusts, non-profit landlord ownership and the progress towards fairer housing policies in America."


Ah-Yup.  Bernie shore ain’t a hunnerd percaint pure, but he shore is right on this one — O’Bummer & P’Loser bailed out the perps ‘sted o’ bailin’ out the victims.  Mnuchin & The Banksters (and a bunch o’ War Crimes perps as well) would be serving time in prison instead of ‘serving’ in the current “administration” if the Damnoc­Rats had done their jobs in 2009 . . .

And now they’re pushing for P’Loser to be the Speaker AGAIN??   Gimme a Break!   If she and Chicken-Shit O’Bummer – and a DamnocRatic Congress – couldn’t hold the RePoopLickens accountable ten years ago, what in HELL makes ANYONE think she’ll even half-try to hold the TRAITORS accountable in 2019???


During 2008-2009 me and several other posters serially noted the travesty of bailouts when gubmit takeover of the banks, breaking them up and selling them when their finances were put in order was the solution that would benefit the 99%. We also noted that restoring Glass-Steagall would have prevented future crashes that are now inevitable.

Obama instead chose to enrich the 1% at the expense of the 99% and then put the hammer down on Occupy Wall Street (OWS) when they pointed that out, greasing the skids for Trump to succeed him.


Or we can re-impose the higher tax rate on the rich, or as a last resort as happens in some places, the people say enough is enough and come and take it.


AMEN!!     Return to Eisenhower-Era Pro$perity   —   Return to Eisenhower-Era TAX RATE$!!


I fully support what Sanders is saying, here, but, as always, I can’t help but wonder if Bernie will ever stop tip-toeing around directly mentioning the Democratic party and and it’s leaders as the enablers they have been for so many of these problems he discusses. I understand the party unity thing, but this evasiveness about directly identifying the Democrats as co-conspirators in these problems does little for his credibility. It only suggests that Sanders will build support and, once again, hand it over to the party establishment for exploitation and, ultimately, disposal. Come on Bernie, show some guts. How hard would it be to mention Obama and the Democrats by name? It wasn’t the Republicans who bailed out Wall Street and the big banks and we all know it.


Probably the most disgusting thing about this income disparity is that instead of wringing a few dollars out of the tight ass rich class they some how snookered a trillion dollars from us and left us flat and in a daze. I’m still in shock that there hasn’t been more push back on the greedy bought and paid for R senators.

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So I guess we shouldn’t be shocked? Well complacent doesn’t work either. That just leaves pissed off and that ain’t good for our hearts

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Bernie: you really need to start mentioning the bloated military budget that will be the ongoing excuse to continue to demolish our safety net, lousy at it is, along with any other societal need such as single-payer.


Wow. Instant flip.

When some mention the “democrats” that takes the party and its entrenched corporate whores and lumps them together with millions of good, progressive/Independent, honest people…“the democrats” are not monolithic, nor should the elite be confused with the “base” and progressives trying to wrest control from the neo-liberal corporate, war-machine sellout scum. The DP is a mechanism that, like it or not, is the obverse of the duopoly “system” the richest and most powerful have installed and dominated in our republic over time…we must smash that domination, and it will not happen totally over-night - it’s tough but not impossible and more realistic than other options, at this time.

Sanders is building a strong coalition that can win IF we support and not tear-down his integrity, focusing on the issues that mean the most to the most - an ill-educated and split electorate, unity is critical, not splitting our potential power.or buying the divisiveness some attempt to sell …one does not win in this big-money corrupted, hyper-partisan, charade by grabbing the 'third-rails" of politics…that has been a losing scenario in the past and still is - those issues are tackled after attaining some measure of influence and power…

Where’s Our Coalition? Oh, we ain’t got one of those yet. Wirkin’ On it but can’t seem to get it together. Much easier to wait under the table for scraps. Auntie Nancy never was for the people. More power and money is her game. Bribes and promises to get her elected is how she floats. Sick of all of them really. All of them screwed up everything good including our Planet. Don’t see anyway out of this mess. It just keeps getting worse.

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And we are the Foot Ball.

The bad news is that we have this headline item on a list of things that did not get bailed out. The REALLY bad news is that we are not sure where to place it on the shuffle board list of things that also went unattended. This is just one thing being tossed aside in favor of military spending instead. Any one of many areas of spending could help to prop up the economy, but our stuffed shirts are spending it at the MIC trough. We seem to be beating our plowshares into swords as we speak.

If the Club needs a treasurer, I can mismanage popcorn funds with the best of em.’

It interesting that in a City like Seattle , vacancy rates of Apartments and homes are rising EVEN AS homelessness is rising.

Now in theory according to “free market principles” , this should mean the costs of housing dropping but this not occurring to the degree needed as people just do not have the income to afford ANY sort of housing. Landlords do not want to drop rents too low as it interferes with profit margins.

Now here the thing. Vancouver recently tried to address its affordable housing crisis with a number of taxes against foreign buyers. What these foreign buyers would do is buy up properties and leave them empty as they were making money off the rising Real Estate prices and did not need tenants. This dropped the official vacancy rate to under 1 percent.

Those foreign buyers (many of whom bought Real Estate so as to launder money from criminal activity) now have Seattle as one of the next targets. Seattle has a pile of vacant apartments and houses even WITH those Homeless and these investors will buy that stuff up, inflate prices yet higher and then cash out to move to their next target.

The underlying issue is this. Housing is not being built to provide homes for people. Housing is being built to generate a return to the investors. As such it does not matter that there people sleeping in Cars or RV’s or under bridges , and it does not matter that more and more shleter simply unaffordable. All that matters is generating a return on investment and if this means fewer being to afford a roof over their heads so be it.

This IS the beast called Capitalism.

Now in places like Libya under Qaddaffi housing was a right and people without a home were provided one. Thanks to NATO and the Wests intervention, this all ended and there now a Refugee crisis from that Country.


Hi GANDOLF, but apparently it is 1789 in France again and Mr, Macron has to wonder about all the violent protestors, and the targeting of national monuments and the areas where the rich live . I was surprised the it was in France—I thought the 1789 redux was coming’s to America first. Remember, the gas hike started this one, but the last time it was the lack of the bread from coming onto the city—and who had power to do that ? Well, the rich , the hungry citizens thought, and it sounds so familiar to their past history. When the People have nothing to lose----it’s hard to tell how this will end. They might start shooting, but then , many times the police revert to identifying with their neighbors before their leaders-----every leader’s nightmare.

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That’s because a lot of people in the USA are gutless. Look at what is happening now in FRANCE- people revolting over high gas prices. Won’t happen here.

Just debating here will not cut it. We MUST contact the federal, state, and local “leaders” and say that this is not acceptable.

Just watching from behind a screen will not change anything.