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US 'Hypocrisy' Decried as Report Shows Same Trump Team Attacking Iran Deal Pushed to Give Saudis Nuclear Secrets

US 'Hypocrisy' Decried as Report Shows Same Trump Team Attacking Iran Deal Pushed to Give Saudis Nuclear Secrets

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Iran's foreign minister denounced on Wednesday what he framed as "U.S. hypocrisy" following a report from House Democrats accusing the Trump administration of pushing to build—while skirting federal law, ethics concerns, and Congressional review—dozens of nuclear reactors across Saudi Arabia.

So “Birarro World” continues. How about some sound logic? If Israel has nukes, and there is a U.S. military presence Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, and we decide to help the Saudi’s get nukes, why in fucking hell should IRAN not go nuclear?
I think some part of the U.S. and other countries should think about arming the people being subjected (Palestine) to nukes, to the acquiring of their own. Maybe the expanding settlements would come to halt.
Too bad the American Indians didn’t have a nuke to bargain with. Maybe the slaughter would not have happened. Give one to Venezuela as well.


Yes, Gary, Your points are well taken as it is becoming clear that people will need their own nukes to fend off these monsters.

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While being allied with Al Qaida…


Setting up a 13th-century theocracy known to support militant jihadists with nuclear capabilities.

What could go wrong?


It sounds better and better, the idea of isolation. We can trade without military and weapon sales, I think.

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China is already flooding the middle east with discounted combat drones.
The days of America murdering people all over the world with impunity may be coming to an end, or at least result in some retaliation.


And who are we shooting, bombing, and sanctioning? Not the communists. Not countries making war on us. No, we are after socialists now. We are killing, by our definition, terrorists of our own creation.
If you want to stop the ripples on the pond, quit disturbing the water.
That’s my version of a Will Rogers quip.
Forget the nuclear clock. No sane person is going that route.
Enough time has passed since 9-11 to gather resources and do the planning of the next terrorist attack on the U.S. Could be another home grown one. Retaliation is inevitable.


Frankly with how insane the U.S. is getting lately I am starting to think not even nukes will be enough to deter the U.S. anymore, with how the U.S. is trying to ramp up a new Cold War with Russia. The U.S. and their allies are led by death cults.


Yes, death, the wages of sin…

No sane person has been in charge of the United States Fourth Reich in the twenty-first century, so far. (But a hellova lot of very rich people have, and I certainly couldn’t vouch for their sanity!)