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US Increases Intelligence-Sharing With Saudi Arabia Over Yemen Strikes


US Increases Intelligence-Sharing With Saudi Arabia Over Yemen Strikes

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. is once again increasing its intelligence-sharing with Saudi Arabia to help the kingdom expand its air campaign in Yemen, U.S. officials told Reuters on Friday.

"We have opened up the aperture a bit wider with what we are sharing with our Saudi partners," one official said. "We are helping them get a better sense of the battlefield and the state of play with the Houthi forces."


Murderous bastards.

When the CIA orchestrated the coup in Iraq that brought Saddam Hussein to power they provided him a hit list of persons to exterminate . Generally these people were Socialists and unionists.

They provided that same type of intelligence to bthe Shah in Iran and to Pinochet in Chile and to thugs and despots in Indonesia and Greece and countries the world over.

This intelligence is little more than another kill list. It terror inflicted on poor people by the most ruthless and murderous regime on this Earth


Would this be the definition of proxy a war?


Capitalism is the enemy of mankind and the environment. The capitalists ussing subversive organizations like the CIA have assassinated and murdered people simply for wanting to improve the lives of the ordinary workers and the poor all over the planet. Capitalists are by nature criminals and destructive people that need to always be controlled.


This might be the straw that’ll breaks the Saudi regimes back, it is unlikely that the Saudis and their enablers in Washington will win this war.