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US Intel Vets Decry CIA’s Use of Torture

US Intel Vets Decry CIA’s Use of Torture

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

Torture defenders are back on the offensive publishing a book by ex-CIA leaders rebutting a Senate report that denounced the brutal tactics as illegal, inhumane and ineffective. Now, in a memo to President Obama, other U.S. intelligence veterans are siding with the Senate findings and repudiating the torture apologists.


FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

SUBJECT: Veteran Intelligence Professionals Challenge CIA’s “Rebuttal” on Torture

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Ummm…and let me guess, while all these “veteran intelligence professionals” were working in “the company” they had no idea of the CIA’s role in developing such practices. These “intelligence professionals” were shocked, I tell you shocked at the notion that CIA trained Savak, the Shah’s secret police, or developed the Kubark manual, a literal users guide to torture.
This was done back in the early to late 1950’s with the full approval and funding of the executive branches of government and the knowledge and logistical support of the military establishment.
This totally destroys the credibility of their sudden abhorrence at what has been standard operating procedure for their former employer when the information has been out there for decades for anyone to see who was willing to open their eyes and look.


Our country has fully become what the founders feared: standing army (check), overly powerful executive (check), run by banks (check)…

“Be careful if you gaze into the abyss, lest the abyss gaze into thee.”–Nietzsche

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Bush & the neocons ordered the torture! Look no further than the Nuremberg Nazi’s the arrogant Cheney is to Bush & his henchmen what the arrogant Goering was to Hitler the parallels are striking.No integrity,no humanity,greedy & arrogance that has no limit.


Government by sociopath.


This is what happens when you decide not to look back and let torturers off the hook.

The willing failure to prosecute war crimes makes you complicit after the fact, Obama.


On that picture, its easy to see who’s running that show.

Hey, VETS, are you holding Jose Padilla up as a GOOD example of “your work”?

While this may sound better than what Rebuttal is lying-into-reality, the real issue is the record of the CIA? How many foreign coups have blood on this organization’s hands? How much “unintended” (as in karmic blowback) consequences have been generated from so-called Intelligence and its Actionable Operations?

The whole damned thing is evil. The problem is, that in following the dark logic of the War on Terror, the plausible defense for such action creates the need for it. That is, now with this War on Terror unleashed for over a decade, REAL enemies have been created and many are benefitting from all the firepower and ordnance left in these brutalized lands. So it now becomes a security measure to theoretically have Intelligence operating to ward off a potentially inevitable attack.

From the article:

“The book, Rebuttal, is a new incarnation of the lie extolling the efficacy of torture. In the immediate aftermath of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, a time of perceived crisis and palpable fear, the leaders of the CIA decided to ignore international and domestic law. They chose to discard the moral foundations of our Republic and, using the same justifications that authoritarian regimes have employed for attacking enemies, and embarked willingly on a course of action that embraced practices that in earlier times the United States had condemned and punished as a violation of U.S. laws and fundamental human rights.”

Not only is there ZERO efficacy for torture (apart from satisfying the morally repugnant appetites of natural born sociopaths and assorted serial killers in uniform), there was NO attack–from outside–on 911. When will you “Intelligence” guys face the Big Crime and stop covering THAT up…or it is covering your asses?

Makes me wonder if this paragraph isn’t “Plausible Deniability” all the way. By framing the debate ONLY around torture, rather than aimed at foreign wars that surely breed torture in the form of contamination by D.U., bombs raining down, children made suddenly into orphans, and women rendered widows… the full extent of the Crimes Against Humanity launched as an Inside Job remain under the radar:

“As former intelligence officers, we are compelled by conscience to denounce the actions and words of our former colleagues. In their minds they have found a way to rationalize and justify torture. We say there is no excuse; there is no justification. The heart of good intelligence work — whether collection or analysis — is based in the pursuit of truth, not the fabrication of a lie.”


It the good cop bad cop spiel. Many members of the public recognize the CIA for what it is one that JFK recognized when he vowed to break it up.

These guys are tasked with putting lipstick back on the pig.

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Thank you, Intelligence Officers signatory to the article. I hope you make a movie. I fear that is the only effective way to communicate to the public. (It might be easier than you guess.)

VIPS should inform itself on how important the issue is to the public by performing a survey. In October 2009 I helped with a survey on the worst crimes of the war on terror. There were several suggestions; one person in ninety mentioned torture.