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US Intel Vets Oppose Brennan’s CIA Plan


US Intel Vets Oppose Brennan’s CIA Plan

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

The original idea of the CIA was to have independent-minded experts assessing both short- and longer-term threats to U.S. national security. Mixing with operations and politics was always a danger, which is now highlighted by CIA Director Brennan’s reorganization, opposed by a group of U.S. intelligence veterans.


FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

SUBJECT: John Brennan’s Restructuring Plan for CIA


During the 1980s, President Reagan’s Secretary of State, George Shultz, correctly accused CIA Director William Casey and his deputy, Robert Gates, of slanting intelligence, charging that their operational involvement “colored” the Agency’s analysis. Shultz openly charged William Casey with giving President Reagan “faulty intelligence” to bolster Casey’s own policy preferences, including the ill-conceived arms-for-hostages-swap with Iran.(Copied from above article)

It was several moments like this in which the “Torch” President Kennedy passed to a “New Generation,” was snatched back to the “Greatest Generation” creating our current nightmare.

The list above reads like a special list of American Heroes…


Until such time as there are no wars, warriors or “Intelligence” to support their various operations, these VETS provide the sanest solution.

This paragraph bears repeating:

“Does it occur to Morell or others who have played senior intelligence roles that there ought to be a different kind of center, like what used to exist in parts of the Directorate of Intelligence, where analyst talent might be used not simply for targeting terrorists, but for figuring out what their grievances are, and whether there may be more promising ways to address them?”

Credit also goes out to “Bill From Saginaw,” should he still read these threads for his assertion that “It’s time to take the (war) toys away from the (CIA) boys.” Indeed!


You left out the likely factor that Alan Dulles and his buddies played a role in the assassination of JFK. Hailing back to the medieval era and prior, hanging up the town’s dissident served to promote obedience and conformity in other citizens (and that includes other likely rebels and rabble-rousers). In the modern world, taking out leaders works the same “magic.” Principled people with Progressive positions didn’t go into hiding out of cowardice. The moral misfits and assorted sociopaths whose entire existences are fixated on control, force, aggression and domination found it easy to murder anyone in their way. Like 3rd world military coups, what took place in the U.S. is similar, but seldom referred to honestly as such.


“Let the bathwater run off. Save the baby, even if that means a separate institution in which analysts of the kind that completed that NIE on Iran in 2007 can flourish. This just might help stop a new unnecessary war, as the combat support officers try to bring an end to old ones.”

Tragically, as sycophants faithful to the producers of highly profitable military hardware, the LAST thing the top brass within the circles of power wish to do is stop the wars! Heck, they’ve been in the BUSINESS of crafting pretexts for them for the past 3-4 decades. (A job made easy by eliminating JFK, RFK, Dr. King, Malcolm X, Paul Wellstone, purchasing mass media channels, and turning funding into the force that guarantees public policy thanks to Washington, D.C. being rendered into a Lobbyists’ “free trade” zone).


So true, Siouxrose, it will be up to the Warriors to simply stop fighting for them: if we know anything about the powers that be, it is, that they never do the actual fighting. They’re too “smart” for that. AKA43.


What is it about Banking and Law that provide such a toxic and unprincipled mix? Can the supposed Fear of Communism be so frightening or compelling that it completely takes over the senses? Even greed seems me too minor a motivation for the acts of these men. We were, I think, on our way to enlightenment; only to be returned to the cave…


Actually SR,

I think Ray did infer that the establishment mob did have something to do with the assassination of JFK when Ray said:

Kennedy fired Dulles, a quintessential Washington Establishment figure – something one does only at one’s own peril.

Ray here, is implicating Dulles, at least for motive.
Ray, years ago, alerted all of us to the fact that JFK fired Dulles and then Dulles also ran the investigation into his murder by directing the Warren Commission (which of course, found that “the single bullet theory” was valid, shooting both JFK and Gov Connley by doing three direction changes inside a car with no roof!) shot of course from a lone wolf who quickly was killed by the mob before he could spill the beans on who else was involved. I think Lee Harvey Ozwald worked for the CIA in Operation Northwoods, if my memory serves.

I was aware of none of that until Ray’s article a few years ago.


I think Ray is totally aware and doing his very best at waking the slumbering giant. He’s a heroic figure giving his all.


Beautiful letter, but if you think Obama wants “integrity” in those he hires, just look at those he has already hired.


Not entirely accurate. The CIA was established to provide a CENTRAL intelligence agency - one that would take intelligence from a wide range of sources, combine it into one comprehensive package for presentation to the president and/or other top officials. The covert action aspect began almost as a footnote.