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US Internal Probe Into Hospital Bombing Raises More Questions Than Answers



No surprise. A few low level military personnel get a good finger wagging and the US mainstream media accepts, without question, the same old cliches:

'Mistakes were made'

'Fog of War'

'Collateral damage'

'We're good, they're evil'


US internal probe into hospital bombing raises more questions than answers?

What else would you expect from the #1 terrorist country in the world!


What an excellent way to have families divided over what one is to give thanks for.
Hey! Heres a solution. Can't deal with the cognitive dissonance? "Go shopping"!! - preferably at Wallmart and other such suppliers of cheap goods obtained through supply chains that usurp land, meddle in sovereign nation policies through trade bludgeon "agreements"; guarantee that slave wage sweat shops maintain the juggernaut against healthy informed democracies; force employees onto the taxpayer safety net, which can then be argued that social security, and other public programs are failing and the funds should be used by transnational banks for derivatives speculation and above all maintain monopoly through and for all the above.

Why is my bullshit detector ringing so loudly?


I guess this means Nobel Peace laureate Obama decided not to defend the position that bombing hospitals is ok if there might be a bad guy inside, and he is going back to the "oopsie" story. For now.


Do the Afghani families of the victims of this unquestionable tragedy celebrate Thanksgiving? I also doubt they shop at WalMart.

Better to read other reports than immediately go off as the result of the CD re-written article. Or the usual hate anything US via Greenwald.

The Guardian report is somewhat different as is the NPR. Both URLs for those two articles follow as links.



NPR.org Let's see....National Party Radio, National Propaganda Radio, National Programming Radio,


I checked the Guardian link, but I don't see what you are referring to. They went into more detail about what errors and technical glitches are claimed to be at fault. As the Common Dreams version said, it raised more questions than answers. For example, how is it possible a commander can't tell a pilot to break off an attack when their EMAIL is down? They have no backup form of communication? I hope that doesn't happen in the next Bay of Pigs incident.


Did a lot of research when this hideous tragedy happened. Discovered the group being requested by Doctors Without Borders neither the US nor Afghanistan are members of so they can't make the request demanded. The US has admitted responsibility. Other DWB hospitals have been hit with loss of life. Other than paying reparations which has already been offered, not sure what else can be done. Greenwald is IMHO little more than a well paid muckraker, but few who
post here would agree. Research on all of the issues is worth the time and effort, but I don't intend to do it again to add links few ever bother to read as their
minds were made up before they read if they bothered. So be it. No one can change what happened and so long as there is war there will be deaths of innocents. I don't know how to end it. Do you?


In a world with GPS, a 450 yard error is simply not credible. Unless the pilot and bombardiers were all stoned ...


It says that the US military would rather be considered incompetent than be caught out as war criminals. I'm very afraid of the day when they no longer care.


Trial in the future.

SIR it has been established that the objects seen over Greenland was nothing more then a flock of Snow Geese headed Southwest and our base in North Dakota took this as a Nuclear attack launching their own missiles against Russia. This lead to a Nuclear Exchange which killed 5.6 billion people. Why was the base in North Dakota not alerted to this as being a false alarm?

General on Trial. "my email was down".


It is no surprise to me that Doctor without Borders is a very progressive organization. They are everywhere and in some place where the US Govt. would not like them to report what they see. They were bombed just like the hotel full of independent journalists in Iraq a few years ago. This was a warning to others to not meddle with the US's
operations abroad. Am I paranoid? No I am realistic. Always ask: Who Benefits or Follow the Money and you will find a possible answer.


"not sure what else can be done." How about this? The U.S. Congress authorizes an independent investigation, preferably by an internationally credibly independent body, one not subject to U.S. management. One does not have a suspected (repeat) murderer investigate themselves, so why let the U.S. military's "investigation" stand as the final word here? Sure, such an action by this congress is not going to happen because their majority has no interest in doing so, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't happen. My mind was not made up in advance here--rather, it was made up that this looks just like a war crime when I saw and heard the details of how it went down. Reparations will not change policy, and it is policy--the whole war-making itself--that needs changing... so that this doesn't happen again. I don't know how to create the conditions for all this to be accomplished, but at least I can be someone who does not endorse the idea that this is okay, and one who considers my work not done until I can see such a state of affairs fully addressed. I help my students to consider the implications of this case, support MSF in their brave shouting about this case, and speak out on this and related matters in different ways... I don't know whether these things will help, but I think they have a better chance of helping than assuming nothing I do will help.


Good luck. Some of us live in the real world and others live in their fantasies. I strongly suspect your students are not going to
be the ones who save the world as you and I tried, but didn't succeed. I wonder all considering the current state of affairs
if there will be a world left to save. I'm now age 80 and have known nothing but war for my lifetime. I don't expect the
current election to create anything better and only hope for no worse.


Yes, I do know.

Close the 700+ foreign military bases and defund (by a minimum of 50%) the lying and murdering bastards as advocated by the Green Party and the Socialist Party- USA, the only parties with enough integrity and balls to take on the MIC while all other candidates cower to the demands and false narratives of the Pentagon and the MIC.

As long as the U.S. military has enough funding to continue their never-ending military interventions, they will continue their military quests of imperialism on behalf of the military industrial complex for the sole benefit of engineering grotesque amounts of profit for the global plutocratic ruling class.

The ruling class wage the wars while the working class does the fighting and the dying ... along with innocent civilians.


I surely must be misreading it, but they seem to be saying the GPS was down, so they just eyeballed it. If that's accurate, it's at least the criminally negligent homicide version of a war crime.


I suspect based on real life experience I know quite well, but surely you can't believe either Party has any chance of winning an election. Any predictions that the coming election is not going to turn out like the one my favorite truth teller notes on his recent writing on the link below. Reading won't hurt nor will a bit of relevant history.



"Some of us live in the real world and others live in their fantasies."

And some of us are serial apologists for power. Hmmm...


Yes. Bring all of our military home to US soil; quit over throwing other country's elected leaders; quit being the world's largest purveyor of high tech, lethal weapons to anyone with the cash to buy them; and allow independent investigations of "possible" war crimes and allow justice to fall where it may. That would be a good start.