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US Is Now Allied With al-Qaeda in Yemen': AP Reveals American-Backed Saudi Coalition Forged Deals With AQAP Fighters


US Is Now Allied With al-Qaeda in Yemen': AP Reveals American-Backed Saudi Coalition Forged Deals With AQAP Fighters

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As the United States continues to fuel Yemen's worsening humanitarian crisis, and boast that it's targeting al Qaeda in the impoverished nation (AQAP) with airstrikes, new reporting reveals that the U.S.- and U.K-backed Saudi coalitio


From the article:

“And so the long-term effect of this is that we are radicalizing potentially millions of Yemenis against the United States.”

It’s all going according to plan, then? Running out of enemies—whether real or imagined—is an existential threat to continued rule by the 1%.


‘“There is no evidence that American money went to AQAP militants,” AP reported, yet the U.S. does provide the coalition with key military assistance including air refueling and intelligence.’

Sgt. Schultz is on the job: “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I say nothing…”

As if the AQAP militants issue receipts for moneys or arms that “end up their way”. Can’t spell AQAP without AP…


Not even a facade of danger to the US or anyone else is required for us to go to war.


Good lord we need a coup in this nation to take out the conservative war machine, cut Defense spending, and outlaw ANY AND ALL military operations that are not in the direct defense of this nation.

This shit started with Raygun’s playing in Central America - they must be ended.


Need aprogram just to tell which players are on which side each day, what the hell are we enabling over there?


The US is the prime mover behind this illegal war and the ensuing humanitarian crisis. See the Real News Network Aaron Mate’s two part interview with an expert on Yemen to learn of the roots of this grave injustice. I hate what our neocon and global hegemon elite are doing to our nation and to the peoples of the world, all of it against the wished of the American people. We are fools to believe we have democracy in the USA.


Betrayal is the American way of life. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Oh, this started long before Reagan. It goes back to Texas, Ca. and the southwest, Hawaii, the ex-spanish colonies which we took over and put dictators into place, the Monroe doctrine that led to the US installing dictators in Caribbean and S. America countries.
Then there was China and Asia, the pacific islands that we claimed and helped lead to the Japanese attacking us. And the native americans whose land we stole with the justified manifest destiny. Then there is the ME where we divided the land and told the people who was going to be dictator.
Since the beginning of this country, any time we saw someone else’s land or what was in it that we wanted, we went and took it. Reagan was actually just continuing US policy that we could do what we want in other countries.
We created a world wide empire which is why we have the military. Just like rome, we have to be able to exert our power everywhere, directly or indirectly.


Consider that it was the US who created Al Quada back during the soviet occupation of Afghan. We supplied Bin laden with money, weapons, and training, inc. stingers to shoot soviet helicopters. And our good ally Pakistan was creating the taliban. The saudis were creating the most radical version of Islam back then.
The US was supporting the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia, which made us an enemy of the Shi’ites. Guess which side supports the Houthis who are Shi’ite? Guess who was Sunni when we put him into power in Iraq, Saddam.
Ever since we installed the shah of Iran into power, we have been at war with the Shi’ites, esp after they overthrew our dictator there.
We are embroiled in a religious war the Saudis are fighting. Al Quada and ISIS are Sunni. The Houthis government had to be overthrown because they were seen as being friendly with Iran, the same as Syria and Libya. And the government the Saudis put into place is friendly with the Saudis, not Iran. And the three countries which are our enemies are all friendly with the old soviet union and continued with Russia today.
Want to know one more thing. If you go by monetary sums, the saudis spend twice as much to support terrorism than Iran. And the amount of terrorism committed in the west is mostly sunni terrorists.So when the president goes on about the terrorism and Iran, he ignores how much the Sunnis are the real big terrorists.
Oh and one more thing, Iran backs the groups that threaten Israel the most, which also makes the Saudis and Israel allies with the US.


Back before the Iraqi War, I was reading a piece stating the population of the Arabian peninsula as having ten percent more males than females, and I remember this article commented on how often it was that these types of figures occasioned countries to have wars.
I shuddered back then.
You know war is itself a philosophy that people are expendible. But extra people doesn’t have to mean war.


This war started under Obama & Clinton.
Trump just picked up where the Democrats left off. So impressed by the opulence of the Saudis, the heads of government have mistaken it for righteousness.


This is the same thing happened in Syria. Many ISIS fighters and equipment were bused and trucked out of Raqqa. Happened in Mosul, ISIS troops were aided in leaving Iraq to go fight in Syria.

Do a search on Duckduckgo for “us helps isis fighters leave syria” you will find many articles. Do a search on google and you will get zero. Nothing gets by the censors.


This hardly news. The US allied with Al Qaeda in Libya in order to topple Qaddaffi and did the same thing in Syria. Al Qaeda and ISIS are creations of the US State.

Syria , in regaining its territory from ISIS are uncovering stockpiles of US made weapons. Robert Fisk used the serial numbers on these weapons to track them to their source. It the same people who are fighting against the Houthi in Yemen and no , it is not iran.