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US Killing Civilians With 'Impunity' in Hidden War on Somalia: Report


US Killing Civilians With 'Impunity' in Hidden War on Somalia: Report

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A human rights group is accusing the United States of waging a shadow air war in Somalia that is killing civilians with abandon.

Amnesty International issued its findings on the African war Tuesday evening in a report titled The Hidden US War in Somalia (pdf).

The U.S. has been covertly engaging in conflicts in Somalia for decades, but in April 2017, the Donald Trump administration upped airstrikes and attacks targeted at the rebel group Al-Shabaab.

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These Are An Example Of The War Crimes Your Votes For The Duopoly Have Allowed To Happen.



At any given moment, America is slaughtering innocent children, torturing innocent people due to religious affiliation, supporting corruption and despotic cruel and inhuman dictators, undermining the freedoms of its population, destroying the futures of the worlds children, and funding the annihilation of democracy worldwide; once in a long long while we hear a whisper, a murmur, of what is going on. At no time do Americans act on this information in such a way as to end these centuries old practices.



Sad, but True.

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The Real News Network just replayed an interview with Rachel Corrie’s parents from 2015 on the anniversary of her murder. It bears repeating for those of us who have heard it, and I highly recommend it for anyone who has not heard of Rachel Corrie.

The interview includes her parents talking about how they tried to sue the government of Israel for killing civilians, and the U.S.'s partner in crimes against humanity took the position that international law does not apply to them.

Also interesting, which I had not heard before, her father was in the Vietnam War, and he recounted that he as a young soldier was taught in no uncertain terms that he was not to follow illegal orders, and he was taught how to identify an illegal order. He thought this part of soldier training was due to Nuremburg being still fresh, and it seems the U.S. military has abandoned it.



sigh----you do have to wonder about a nation that has its killer drones named “THE REAPER.” Of course, now that war can be fought from far away—as the soldier jumps into his car and drives home for dinner in AZ, after slaughtering men, women, children, donkeys, chickens etc somewhere in the world…WAR seems to have become one big video game.
SAY, that’s one great recruiting tool America-----just PRETEND you’re murdering civilians and imploding ancient cultures in a video game! . ( except somehow YOU know you’re murdering human beings) : 0
Except----the thing is— like Greek Fire—well at first nobody had it, but then one nation got it and ruled for a bit and then they ALL got it…so have you no fear, American military, that another nation , or 2 or 3 or many -----will get their own Reapers and turn America into one big imploding video game? Oh yeah— I can see the name of that enemy video game now-----“Liberty and Justice for ALL.” I be it’s a big seller. : (



I wonder if any of those operators develop PTSD as a result of their actions?



China is selling similar unmanned drones in the Middle East.
It is just a matter of time until the buyer finds a base close enough to fly them into the USA.



These people are hand picked on the basis of their complete lack of human empathy, their willingness to follow any order no matter how deranged and obscene, and their full adherence to the notion that democracy, freedom, justice and the american way are wholly dependent upon the continued rape torture and massacre of human life worldwide.

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FWIW, apparently there are record numbers of such drone operators quitting.
According to the Nation mag:
" There are roughly 1,000 such drone pilots, known in the trade as “18Xs,” working for the US Air Force today. Another 180 pilots graduate annually from a training program that takes about a year to complete at Holloman and Randolph Air Force bases in, respectively, New Mexico and Texas. As it happens, in those same twelve months, about 240 trained pilots quit and the Air Force is at a loss to explain the phenomenon…
On January 4, 2015, the Daily Beast revealed an undated internal memo to Air Force Chief of Staff General Mark Welsh from General Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle stating that pilot “outflow increases will damage the readiness and combat capability of the MQ-1/9 [Predator and Reaper] enterprise for years to come”



Hi. Several years ago I believe 3 of the controllers refused to participate in the killings anymore and accused the US military that continuing to do so was inflaming more radicalism against the USA then any benefits derived by targeting terrorists but instead killing innocents. The military position is that anyone in the vicinity of a targeted terrorist is an associate, not innocent, and ok to kill. I do believe these unwarranted killings are crimes against humanity and the perpetrators should be tried.



And of course the military helps in the design of war video games and I assume these are recruiting and training tools of our youth. Should be also a crime.



Drug traffickers will be using drones to ship vast amounts of illegal drugs into the country and without risk of capture or arrest. No wall will stop that drug traffic. In fact naval drones have long been in use; remotely operated submarines and ships, Its only a matter of time before supersonic drone aircraft flying under radar will be delivering payloads of thousands of tons a day to our communities., You can shoot them down but you cant stop them, its highly cost effective in drug trafficking, even if 2/3 of the shipments are lost. they’ll be lucky to stop 1 in 20, all their resources are going into walls.



The wall is just Trump’s idea of a statue to himself, paid for by taxpayers at a 100x markup, and built by corporations owned by his family and various associates.



Unfortunately, drone operators probably won’t be needed for much longer as they have been working on an automated drone system for years now.
It will be linked to the facial recognition data base currently being compiled by “the 5 eyes” countries, and is expected to make independent targeting decisions.



Adam, right on! What’s is gonna take to get us , the American people to put these filthy rich elites to the tunes of a pitchfork?

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Just finished re reading an old science fiction classic from the 60’s. The book Colossis (later turned into a fine film called The Forbin Project) described a computer designed to control the US defense grid with minimal input from its human designers. Colossis then develops it’s own AI and takes over the world with the threat of nuclear annihilation to any nation that didn’t follow its commands.
All this should look and sound familiar (and not just because James Cameron and his then wife stole the idea to begin their Terminator franchise) Most humans are notoriously unreliable when it comes to constant absentminded slaughter. A computer algorithm would have no such misgivings.
All hail Colossis.



Rachel Corrie lives on forever. Do not forget her. Her book, My Name is Rachel Corrie, can be purchased for under $5.00.

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It’s getting more like Enders Game every day .



Indeed, just about every scifi/horror cliche from the last 50 years is becoming a reality before our eyes.
Even the development of self learning AI is continuing apace.

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