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US Kneejerk Support for Israeli Nukes Torpedoes UN Disarmament Talks


US Kneejerk Support for Israeli Nukes Torpedoes UN Disarmament Talks

Juan Cole

After four weeks of negotiations, a revised UN treaty on nuclear disarmament has been torpedoed by the United States, leaving the issue of global disarmament dead in the water for the next five years. Non-nuclear states are furious at Washington and also fearful that in the absence of an agreement, nuclear proliferation will now march on. Moreover, they are upset at the slow pace of reduction of numbers of nuclear weapons by nuclear-armed states such as the US and Russia.


Would not surprise me to learn that some of those 400 are in the continental US as I type…


One more example why the entire US government has to go. This failure to represent the 99% makes each and every person who voted to side with Israel, a traitor of humanity.


“US politicians are merely taking their constituents lead, as they morally should.”

Thanks for the laugh! Yeah that’s the nutshell description of politics in the USA, politicians are merely taking their constituents’ lead! Wheee!


Yes! It’s not like we’re talking about some loonies who routinely slaughter civilians and attack other countries without provocation. We’re talking about Israel, the only democracy in the region, not nuts with nukes!!!

I’d write more but I’ve got to go mow the lawn - again.


The NPT defines nuclear weapons states as states that had conducted a nuclear explosive test before January 1, 1967. If Israeli nuclear scholar Avner Cohen is correct, Israel could have conducted a successful nuclear test in late 1966 but chose not to. Therefore, if Israel were to join the NPT, it seems fair that it should do so as a nuclear weapons state, i.e., in the same class as the US, Russia, the UK, France, and China.


The figure of 400 Israeli nuclear warheads seems quite fanciful. The best public estimate is around 80, with about 200 as an upper limit.

I doubt the Saudis really feel threatened by the Israeli nuclear arsenal, and I think Egypt has much more pressing security issues to deal with than the failure of its NFZ proposal. In any case, global nuclear disarmament is dead in the water irregardless of what happens with Israel.


The poster “Ort” used to keep me laughing with his/her comments, but s/he disappeared with disqus, so thanks for showing up now and then to fill the void left by Ort. Your posts brighten my day.




I agree with all your points here. The article is an exercise in disinformation and, in this particular case, Israel has been used as a fall guy.


Ishmail Av joined the CD comment area two days ago, has commented on three threads, each to spin Zionism into threads about Gaza or Israel. Funny!


We have had five consecutive knee-jerk presidents. Before that we had a majority of presidents since the Civil War who were dyed in the wool knee jerk reactionaries. We have been ruled for more than a century and a half by two knee-jerk parties, both of which become more knee-jerk daily.

Some might wonder if perhaps we have a majority of voters who are happily knee-jerk citizens, and who are happily becoming more knee-jerk daily.

What do we expect?


Thanks for reminding us that God’s chosen people are just “fall guys” and can do no wrong.


I said “in this particular case” which surely does not suggest that Israel “can do no wrong” or is necessarily “God’s chosen people.” The US itself is spending billions of dollars modernizing nuclear weapons and creating new ones like the oft-talked about “bunk busters”, etc. Does that not indicate that Uncle Sam has no interest in nuclear disarmament, whether Israel thinks likewise or not?


To which I’ll add that it’s hard to see how Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal influences nuclear decision making in Russia, China, the UK, France, India, Pakistan, or North Korea.


Exactly. Each country acts according to what it sees as its own interest. There’s no need to use Israel as a whipping boy.


Johnny, you clearly missed the reference.


I thought he nailed it. Of course I may be biased due to his cool icon.


69% of Americans support a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East that would include Israel

Indeed, the US government disregards and acts against what a huge preponderance of Americans want.