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US Knew Helping Saudis in Yemen Could Be War Crime


US Knew Helping Saudis in Yemen Could Be War Crime

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia comes under renewed scrutiny in the wake of the Gulf nation's weekend bombing campaign in Yemen, a Reuters exclusive published Monday reveals that the Obama administration approved a $1.3 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia last year despite warnings that it could implicate the U.S. in war crimes.


Of course it’s a war crime! So was the Vietnam War. So was the Iraq War. So was torturing war prisoners. When did its being a war crime ever stop the US from advancing the empire? The dirty little secret that Hillary didn’t talk about last night is that in return for arming the Saudi’s with F-15s to carry out their attacks on Yemen, they turned around and made a nice donation to the Clinton Foundation. “Not a bad Christmas present”, remarked one top official. Merry F’ing Christmas to the Yemeni victims too.


When Obama entered office with Hillary at his side, the United States was involved militarily in two wars—Iraq and Afghanistan.
We are now involved militarily in five wars—Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hillary supports all of those wars and was instrumental in starting the wars in Syria and Libya.

The foreign policy of both Obama and Hillary has been an atrocity.


“Whether they were capable…”???

The question really should be, “We’re they willing?”

The answer is an obvious NO. War criminals. Guilty. Just like the Nazis. Only now it’s the Houthis.


Yemen: Russian ambassador visits site of deadly Saudi airstrike on Sanaa market

Published on Oct 10, 2016
Russian chargé d’affaires Oleg Dremov visited the site of the deadly Saudi Arabian airstrike on a market in Sanaa, which resulted in the deaths of some 140 people, on Monday.


See the real story of Saudi Arabia and the US on Abby Martin’s “The Empire Files”.


The pathological sickness of American foreign policy has been committing crimes against humanity and war crimes for decades in many countries.
Vote to unseat this power. Don’t turn back.