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US Labor Leader Says Case for Bernie Sanders 2020 Is Simple: The Democrats Have No Better Choice

US Labor Leader Says Case for Bernie Sanders 2020 Is Simple: The Democrats Have No Better Choice

Jon Queally, staff writer

Songwriter and music legend Bruce Springsteen may not have intended to make the case, but comments he made in an interview published on Sunday have been seized by some of those clamoring for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to end the internal debate he is having and announce himself as the best Democratic Party candidate to challenge Donald Trump in the 2020 election.


RoseAnn, as long as Bernie stays in the Democratic Party he is not my choice!


Folks, This seems more like a set-up this time with Bernie, than it did the last time.

Use your brains.


I call “Groundhog Day”.


Allow me to make it four comments in a row expressing serious doubts.

Bernie looked cowardly in 2016, I haven’t seen anything all that brave since. So let’s be real, the d-party establishment will kneecap Bernie and he’ll sheepdog for them anyway.


People are going to poo-poo Bernie if and when he runs for the democratic ticket.Normally I wouldn’t agree. But considering there are 25 or so, less than Independent characters running on the same ticket, I think Bernie should separate himself and regain what hero-ship he may have left, and run on an independent ticket himself.


There’s going to be more competition this time, that’s for sure.

there has never been a 3rd party candidate elected president in the entire history of this shit hole country … the 2 parties have that locked up

Bernie would never run as a 3rd party candidate b/c like last time he does not want to be described as a spoiler candidate.

He is the best candidate out their if you are a progressive. And a damn good one.


After unintentionall helping Trump to win, Bernie should back off and be a power behing the scenes. Here in my county, all too many of his followers souldn’t vote for Hillary because of her speeches to Wall Streeters, so they voted for Jill Stein or Trump. Both decisions helped Trump win Florida. I will not back him now for dog catcher!

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Sanders would be 79 years old when he takes office and by the end of his term he would be 83. The US has never had a president that old. There have been leaders of countries that old and even older so I guess it is doable. His biggest rival would probably be Joe Biden and he s almost as old as Sanders. Will Democratic voters want a younger candidate for president? The only two Democrats who have won since Jimmy Carter were in their 40s when they won. The majority of Democratic voters are not progressive so the odds are always against candidate running as a progressive. Jerry Brown lost to Bill Clinton. Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton. Sanders could win but I think the odds are very much against him.

I’m breaking my vow not to discuss 2020 since we are a long way off, but if Sherrod Brown runs, I think he could put Bernie to the test. He has delivered in a fairly conservative but electorally important state, statewide, and is very strong with labor. I wouldn’t want to lose his senate seat, but he’s tough, has won tough elections, is pro-labor, and clearly has appeal.

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That is the whole problem!

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Simply put: I want Bernie to run, as an Indie, in 2020. No one in either Duopoly party has the great heart, deep courage, ethical integrity and sheer driving energy for justice that he does—no one of his years of experience. I want him to have the chance to have the Presidency he was cheated out of in 2016—and that he still, more than anyone, deserves.


I watched Bernie come on the Thom Hartmann show regularly in 2015-16 and basically talk about his stump speech. He was regularly asked by Thom whether he would consider running for president. At first he seemed quite reluctant, but as more interest was shown he began to warm up to the idea and finally started say: “If there is enough support I will consider it” and it grew from there. No ego. No self interest. Just an American as pissed off as the rest of us but willing to play the sane game, the hard road, to save this country from it’s monsters if he can.


Leaving aside my very mixed feelings about Bernie, I suggest there are lots of short memories involved with so much enthusiasm for an unlikely scenario.

In order for Bernie Sanders to become the Democratic candidate for POTUS in 2020 the mainstream dems will need to have a profound change of what passes for their hearts, come out in unified support of him, ala the superdelegates in mass, and stand solidly behind him, as they did behind Hillary, just two to three years ago now.

Any takers on that?


I think the young grassroots folks were dazed by the squeaker and are living it down. Turn on them now and you may not get them interested for some time to come.

The people in this thread that don’t like the Democratic Party should want Sanders to run as a Democrat, and they should want him to be robbed by that party. They are already in jeopardy, do in 2020 what they did in 2016, and that party is in deep trouble. The person they would rig it in favor of would obviously be more establishment, and would have a better chance of losing. Rig it again and lose again, both decently likely, and the Democrats are on life support.

Most people that look at other somewhat progressive Democrats running and beating Sanders are off, I think. A few decent Democrats on issues, but none of them do nearly as good of a job at articulating a clear vision, especially succinctly, and the fact of the matter is that there are very few active politicians that people actually Trust. Sanders is one of the few that they do.

I would vote for Sanders, as imperfect as he may be, and he is one of the only people that would run in that party I would vote for. I live in a state that will go to the Democrat, and I don’t owe that party a damn thing anyway. I would vote for him, but fully support building third parties nationally, and maybe some day, even in a rotten and corrupt system that these two parties have rigged in their favor, we might have a leftist party with a chance at the presidency. I do think though that it would be a bit self-defeating for us to have a chance to vote for Sanders and to not do so in the general election, if we had the chance. There is no one comparable that will have a chance at winning and it is a mistake to think that him winning would be a victory for the Democrats more than it would be for the left broadly. Us moving towards social democracy sets us off on a different trajectory, and we could do things that the left has never been able to do in this country. The Democrats suck, we should work to build a third party or parties infrastructure, but don’t let your hatred of that party lead you to making a decision that could set the left back. Like I said, it would benefit the left, I would argue, much more than the party he was forced to run in because of the makeup of this rigged two party system.


I agree that it is likely that they will do whatever they can behind the scenes to rig it again. They will attack him and his supporters with everything they can. They will lie, manipulate people emotionally, which is one of the few things these rotten people do well. They will have help in the media, and on blogs like to too. There will be coordination, and people in the media and posters here (especially those connected to the party) will help propel the propaganda. But it will turn off tons of people, it will anger people, and Sanders might get tons of support in response. Them doing that will again sap enthusiasm for any candidate they support, which will also make a victory by Trump more likely. My guess is that the party will still go ahead and rig it, because they see him and those like him (especially those to his left) as threats. I think that the establishments’ only hope (outside of, per usual, massively outspending anyone that wants to change the system) is some person like Obama that can dazzle people with things that have nothing to do with issues and substance. This person will be great at speeches, say all the right things, probably good looking, relatively young, and will sound progressive but very vaguely. If you give too many specifics, you then have some responsibility to deliver. So, someone like Obama whose image you can commodity, someone you can sell like cereal or a car.

They will rig it though, they will play dirty, they will pool their money and massively outspend anyone that wants to change the system, and it will be disastrous for their party, the left, working people, the environment and our democracy.


Hi Marcelle_Bessman:
I voted for Jill Stein, because Hillary has so soul, as she sold it to corporate America. I think corporate America made her soul into a wallet and handed it back ti her( and it wasn’t an empty wallet either. : )
I want Bernie to be head of the DNC-------------the first sign of death of the press was the announcement that Hillary won via the AP and Hillary. I hadn’t voted yet and I will never forgive the AP, Hillary or the old, tired, and bought off DNC for that!


He may be already.