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US Labor Unions File UN Complaint Accusing Trump Administration of "Outrageous" Violations of Workers' Rights Amid Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/07/us-labor-unions-file-un-complaint-accusing-trump-administration-outrageous

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OSHA, seemed to suddenly belong to the corporations…and employees seems as disposable as all these chickens that the chicken plants killed by flooding their cages with foam. I can’t eat chicken ever again— as these heartless and brainless chicken places no doubt hosed off the gassed and foamed chickens and sold them anyway. WOW, look at how many workers were laid off with that.
Somehow—the corporations --who are not people—seem able to eliminate genuine human employees by eliminating any responsibility----and we all thought that OSHA was there for the People --I guess its meaning has changed too. OSHA—Occupational Safety & Health Admin… Hmmmm—how does this sound? OSHA Oily, Slimey, and Heinous Actors. : (.

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

See The Congress of Essential Workers calls for General Strike By Sunrise movement and Chris Smalls and others on Nov. 3 2020 )

See common dreams from-the-jailhouse-to-wall-street-how-change-happens
See Chris Smalls demo against Bezos

LISTEN LABOR rank and file and leaders. RAMP THIS UP! We need rolling strikes. WE HAVE WORKER POWER to force congress and the rich to realize anything but a Biden win is Unacceptable. START raising the racket now OCT. 2020 . DO NT wait to the Nov. 3 chaos.! THEN PUSH BIDEN/Harris and all of congress. Jobs program with the Green New Deal etc.
That is how the change in climate justice happened. See From the Jailhouse to Wall Street: How Change Happens (Peoplesstrike.[Common Dreams]
(Let us PRESS the unions to file in the streets on ROLLING STRIKES)

US Labor Unions File UN Complaint Accusing Trump Administration of “Outrageous” Violations of Workers’ Rights Amid Pandemic