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US Launches Airstrikes in Libya in 'Deeply Concerning' New Offensive


US Launches Airstrikes in Libya in 'Deeply Concerning' New Offensive

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. on Monday launched airstrikes against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Libya, expanding its war in the region in what the Pentagon indicated will be a long-term offensive against the militant group and what critics said was a "deeply" concerning move.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) said Monday that she was "deeply concerned about the expansion of U.S. airstrikes in Libya. The U.S. military continues to become more engaged in the Middle East, despite the lack of a Congressional debate or specific authorization."


Let's face it: The military industrial complex is rolling out the red carpet for future President Hillary Clinton.

This, combined with the whole Russia-did-it DNC hack, the recent flag-waving crap that happened at the convention...we're headed for dark times.


"Our military experts are clear: there is no military solution to this crisis," ... which of course makes it exactly the perfect war for the MIC.


Slick Oily and the US Navy are having a housewarming for Killary! Personally I think we should take all of the Killary supporters from the convention, arm them and throw them into the mix over in Libya. They voted for Killary, they also voted for Slick Oily, so let them live with the consequences of their votes!


Yes, and over there they can have exploding bomb fireworks as an accompaniment to their chants of USA! USA!


"umph! war!
what is it good for?"

profits :smiling_imp:


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All together, let's enjoy our two minutes of hate against our newest enemy:


Thank you. WE are Winston Smith.


I thought the "axis of evil" had already been defeated. Oh wait, that was the OTHER axis. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest axis of them all?


I am getting so upset with American politics that I causing myself to live with too much anger. I'll just vote for Jill. Although she probably will lose, at least I'll vote my true beliefs. HRC is so crooked and the democrats have failed the middle class and labor unions so badly, trump could very well win.


Here the empire has all these bombs. It has to use them or the bomb producer's stocks will decline when they don't get any orders and the Dow and s&p and the gdp and the gps and the lsd will lose market share and the economic forecast will be dire indeed. Madeline Allbright thinks killing hundreds of thousands of children is worth it. So does Hillary's friend Henry Kissinger and Obama and all the conservative and neoliberal establishment that understands economics best. They also know that the Christian and Jewish Gods can beat the Islamic God any day of the week. And that in a nutshell, is the reason why we blow people up.


"Hurrying this thing along for political benefit would be just about the dumbest thing that we could do," a senior CENTCOM official told Politico's Mark Perry."

But Mr. Perry didn't see fit to include what "senior CENTCOM official' told to him next, which was,

"It has to be drawn out as long as possible so that my associates in the arms industry can gain the most they possibly can from it."

That 'senior CENTCOM official'... what a character.


Let me guess. Trump is going to come out against this on humanitarian grounds. I mean, he's a peacenik don't you know.


Notice the cute names they give to the Operations: "Odyssey Resolve," "Junction Serpent" "Lightning" -- do they think this is a game like Monopoly? "Go to the Bank, withdraw 1 Billion" Dream on guys, it will last a very long time!


After weeks (or was it months?) of Sect State Clinton claiming the US action in Libya had absolutely nothing to do with regime change (remember?) she cackles "We came, We saw, He died," after he is murdered, clearly taking credit for his death.

Her glee is so sickening I can't find words to describe it.

Henry Kissinger with a vagina.


If it was only two minutes a day I could deal with it.


Libya was a stable state under the admittedly despotic rule of Muammar Gaddafi.
Post secondary education was free and EVERY newly wed couple received from the state $50,000.- seed money for their future.
Maybe that "bad example" was what incensed Hillary enough to effect a regime change.
Now look at the mess we have created!


Hey, just priming the pump for the anticipated accession of the Red Queen and her treasonous lap-dog subservience to the Zionist state. Continued destabilization of the ME/NA to divert attention from war crimes against humanity and colonial expansionism of Israel in Palestine that has driven the entire world to the brink is the goal - such is the pathological mindset of "religious" exceptionalism......and the people/politics that serve it.


Even given the goal of disruption this makes little sense unless they know that a candidate elected this November will continue the strikes.

Again suggestive that the fix is in, though it could just be confidence in both candidates.