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US-Led Airstrikes in Syria Kill 77 in 'Worst Week' for Civilian Deaths


US-Led Airstrikes in Syria Kill 77 in 'Worst Week' for Civilian Deaths

Nika Knight, staff writer

Dozens of civilians, including children, were killed on Monday and Tuesday by U.S.-led airstrikes in Syria.

The strikes appeared to have been a mistake, with the civilians taken for Islamic State (IS or ISIS) militants, the U.K.-based human rights group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights group told the AFP news agency.


Now that Hillary is going progressive she is soon to denounce this horror. Personally, however, I do not recommend holding your breath until she does - she approves and for her this is simply "unfortunate collateral damage" as long as it is not her family, friends and loved ones. They do not matter. Vote Green and end this madness.


Why do they hate us? Duh...


Our children have wonderful women for examples as leaders to follow: Margaret Thatcher, Madeline Albright and Hillary Clinton. People of color have Obama. These murderous individuals give proof to the fact that it is not the color of one's skin or the gender of a person that makes the person, it is what is in their heart. I talk to more and more people who are utterly depressed at what is going on in the world and the actions of our government and the ever worse police state in which we live. As the woman in Baton Rouge said so emotionally, "stop the killing, stop the killing, no peace without justice."


There is now with the departure of Bernie a huge leadership vacuum in existance. There is vast poverty, a vast feeling of hoplessness, a vast feeling that government does not listen to the majority, a vast feeling of oppression here and around the world being perpetrated by those now holding power in the US. These factors are what leads to revolution. That vacuum will be filled.


Hope, change, ... fail.! But ya got a good smile!


I am not suggesting these civilians not killed in a US air strike BUT I would be skeptical of any claims made by the Syrian observatory for human rights.

This is a one man show run by a guy in England who has not been to Syria in 14 years. I have given links in the past showing he funded on part by intelligence agencies in England and the USA.

In the past it has claimed civilian casualties after Russian air strikes and or attacks on hospitals which were than cited by the US state department as factual and when pressed as to details and providing hard evidence could not do so.

There indications there divisions within the US government with some wanting to halt funding and supplying what they call moderate rebels and others wanting to continue.

There no doubt in my mind civilians being killed both by NATO led air strikes and by the Russian and Syrian military , but I treat everything coming from the SOHR with a grain of salt . This article can be factual and can be something else entirely which speaks to the state of our media.


I agree and have said as much many times. The US and NATO have no business being there and ISIS and Daesh were created by trained and funded by the same.

I prefer other sources regarding civilian casualties than the SOHR and the BBC and await those.

It is what I do after reports of civilian deaths to a Russian air strike and it would be a double standard if I did not do this here.


Hmm, 77 civilians killed by US-led airstrike. Uh-huh, and does this constitute "an act of terrorism"? Well, I suppose not, since only we can be the recipient of acts of terrorism. So, I guess, it's an "oops, we're sorry" moment. And, since it's just an accident, the whole world will not grieve the loss of the 77. Now, if the 77 we're Americans slain by "terrorists", well then the whole world would grieve, just as the U.S. media invariably insists. It's really nice to know how much more "the whole world" values American than Syrian lives. It just shows how important American lives are and, I guess, unimportant Syrian lives are.


Hey, Abhaya, it's a "school"! Whatcha' got against education?


Mistake? Hardly. It has been official U.S. policy since Clinton was Secretary of State to murder children--because they might be terrorists. http://www.thenation.com/article/us-military-approves-bombing-children/


More about the propaganda at least on the US side. First, the Western media almost never cites which group controls an area when reporting about Russian airstrikes. I have to search to find exactly who controlled the area being bombed. Not in this case. For example, NYTimes made it clear that the bombs hit an IS-controlled village. "Activists: Airstrikes on IS-Held Villages in Syria Kill 56."

The Times in good fashion warns that readers should suspect information about the bombings:

Conflicting numbers in the aftermath of attacks are not uncommon in Syria. There were also conflicting reports on where the civilians were killed, with some groups reporting that a school housing refugees was hit and others saying that people were struck as they fled the violence.

At least some of the articles I read, reports of Russian bombing savagery are always take to be true as reported. If the reader didn't get the point the first time, the article repeats the same doubts again later in the article.

The reports and the disparate casualty tolls could not be independently confirmed because the area is inaccessible to independent media. There was no immediate comment from Washington.

Of course the bombing is a "mistake", while Russian bombs are deliberately aimed at children, hospitals, and new born kittens.

This is not to make light of the horrible incident, but to point out the pap a major, media outlet feeds to Americans in supporting a pro-war agenda (by maybe the most recognized media outlet in the United States.) And not just a pro-war agenda pushed by Democrats, but as we saw with Judy Miller, a pro-war agenda pushed by republicans.


Mark, just to be clear. Didn't you intend to put the word, investigating, in quotes in the next to the last sentence?


Thanks for the neocon services... and the collateral damages... defending my alleged freedoms and alleged liberties... and Wall Street's neoliberal Empire.


Indiscriminate killing with no accountability...no body counts so no proof positive...

“Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.”
― Ernest Hemingway

Yet no one calling the shots will assume the blame for the loss of life, collateral damage, destruction of homes/neighborhoods, and desolation left in the wake of bombing. They will simply make excuses and claim that it is all part of the 'War on Terror." How are these actions any different that those of the "targeted" enemy, ISIS any different? Oh, that's right...American (and coalition members) exceptionalism just out saving the day.


So when we bomb or drone-bomb civilians that's all just "collateral damage" (we don't generally even bother to apologize). But when young people from those countries we're bombing (and also backing the dictators who rule over them like Assad, or the sheiks and juntas all over the Middle East that we installed and finance and arm) get tired of us bombing them, and send suicide bombers to attack us --- well, those are "heinous crimes." Why?


Murder continues for the imperialist empire; while the 2 war parties launch into their circuses! Meanwhile the masses pay rapt attention; and the murders continue.....


Buttering your bread is most effective, if you apply it on both sides evenly, - a bit messy, but effective


Killing is easy: just push a button and go home for cocktails. No conscience required, just another day in the military industrial complex. Everybody say: yee-haw


Oversight is beside the point.
1.) The trainees cannot possibly get as out of hand as their masters are already.
2.) Their purpose is not to be or remain civil, it is the smash up as much equipment as possible, so it can be replaced by us, the tax payers and fill the pockets of the 1%.