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US-Led Airstrikes Kill as Many Civilians as Nice Attack–but Get No Front-Page Headlines in Major US Papers


US-Led Airstrikes Kill as Many Civilians as Nice Attack–but Get No Front-Page Headlines in Major US Papers

Adam Johnson

A coalition airstrike reported on Tuesday that killed at least 85 civilians—one more than died in the Nice attack in France last week—wasn’t featured at all on the front pages of two of the top US national newspapers, the New York Times and LA Times, and only merited brief blurbs on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal


Russia is suggesting such an attack might indeed have occurred and needs to be invesitgated fully. The Syrian Government also confirmed the attack and the death of Civilians in great numbers. They have indicated the air strike was launched by the French.

In Turkey the NATO base commander in another article indicated that airstrikes against Manbij out of Incilrik were continuing. The US and NATO side can not deny such airstrikes occurred on one hand , if on the other they indicated such airstrikes ongoing.


And how "accidental" was this, given that the U.S. has quantified that a given number of civilian deaths is acceptable during the course of war? Moreover, why is any civilian death acceptable when civilians find themselves trapped in a war zone they did not create? Bringing this home, would we accept the death of friends and loved ones as collateral damage and accidental if someone declared our neighborhood to be a war zone and started dropping bombs? Not as far fetched as some might think. Sooner or later, all government policies used in foreign countries find their way back home.

As for lack of coverage, it smacks of establishment exceptionalism, i.e., these are lesser peoples of no import, completely expendable in the pursuit of American foreign policy interests. Again, this attitude cannot be compartmentalized. It is already showing its ugly face on American soil.


The CNN headline on that boys beheading labled it as a "mistake". They then went on to use the better part of the article to describe Asaads brutality as it advanced the notion the beheading just an error and being addressed.

The underlying message I got from the CNN article is that the rebels should not have filmed the beheading. These murders by the "moderate rebels" are ongoing something the US Government and its compliant media are perfectly content with as long as there no video evidence of it.

This much like Abu Ghraib where one of Rumsfleds first acts was to forbid the torturers from taking pictures of what they were doing.


U.S. President drives truck through Syrian crowd. 85 killed.


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Excellent satire!!! It would make a great mock cover story in The Onion.


"US-Led Airstrikes Kill as Many Civilians as Nice Attack–but Get No Front-Page Headlines in Major US Papers"

Major US Paper oligopolies are in the business of war. Publicizing that could hurt their bottom line.


Out of sight out of mind.


I suppose this is irrelevant but my heart just aches for the thousands upon thousands of innocent people we have murdered around the globe in service of promoting our 'exceptionalism'.......


Deaths In Other Nations Since WW2 Due To US Interventions.



Death counts only count if the deaths count


"The Pentagon has not denied the reports, saying an investigation is underway, according to Stars and Stripes (7/19/16), a media outlet that operates inside the Department of Defense."

We have investigated ourselves and found that we have done nothing wrong, again.




My feelings too, merf.


The report of the beheading of the 12 year old boy stuck in my craw, Mark. Disgusting and sickening that US taxpayers fund these murderers.

Surprised to see our local newspaper carry the AP story in today's paper, "Child beheading triggers backlash against Syrian rebels," and even added, "The group,, has received support in the past from the US."

Like last week's support. Isn't that the purpose of our "allies" winning a village, moving in weapons and vehicles, then "losing" the village the next day? That's reported as happening all the time in Syria.

One 12 year old boy's beheading sums up the foreign policy of 8 years of the Obama presidency.


Thank you for posting the link to this blogpost. Horrifying. I almost cannot face the death numbers we had been complicit in since it was written.