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US-Led Assault on Mosul Killed Ten Times More Iraqi Civilians Than Military Admitted

US-Led Assault on Mosul Killed Ten Times More Iraqi Civilians Than Military Admitted

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

New investigation sheds further light on the brutally high cost to civilians of the war on terror

An Iraqi woman cries as she arrives safely with her family to an Iraqi Army position after fleeing the Islamic State controlled Old City of west Mosul where heavy fighting continues on June 23, 2017.  (Photo: Martyn Aim/Getty Images)

Attention Voters for the Duopoly Parties: Your votes enabled our Military to Murder these innocent men, women, and children.

Accept responsibility for supporting the parties of the Duopoly.

This is what the Duopoly will do as long as you vote for their candidates.

If the murder of innocent children doesn’t sway you, you’re hopeless.

Please don’t bother to respond.


U S does not keep track of non-US victims of its ongoing brutality/sanctioned murder but trumpets out the number of American military (or other US citizens) lives lost or wounded, which in a very sick-minded way validates the killing in their (the govt) eyes and those of the viewing American public (patriots all, dontcha know). Perhaps the fact that the decided majority of the victims considered “collateral damage” are brown or dark-skinned plays a very large role in US destructive, war-mongering actions abroad (as well as at home) and the lack of attention to their death statistics. Label them all terrorists and its no-holds-barred…hurrah, hurrah (when Johnny comes marching home) wave the red-white-and-blue.


Irresponsible Col. Veale? The euphemistic phrase " INADVERTENT CASUALTIES" to explain innocent civilians deaths has to be an all time IRRESPONSIBLE BS statement like collateral damage! OOPS, WE JUST MURDERED YOUR SON AND DAUGHTER… INADVERTENTLY!


Notice the dog whisper word “coalition” to obfuscate that it was solely the US that did the killing…make it look like it was a “group” effort. “Coalition” has been the overused operative word in PR statements responding to events where the US military is taken to task for its murderous missteps.

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Excellent point!

True. Whether one wants to admit it or not, America has been at least since the Korean and Vietnam wars…a military dictatorship. Congress has not and is not really anything but the two wings of the US fascist, war parties.


Some say …
“All war is a war on women and children”


Shan –

Very much agree with you –

Elites/right wing have known they had the whole thing sewn up after
"Our Founders" set them up as an Elite patriarchy here – and they
brought the Vatican/“Christianity” along with them to run the
Genocide against the native people here – and against the Africans
already enslaved here.

They had hundreds of years to defeat any attempt at democracy and
to ensure that it wouldn’t rise again …

Elites here and internationally recruited Hitler and funded Hitler/Nazis
with front companies run by Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles - Holland
America Line was one of them.
Vatican/Papal assistance was welcomed to “catapult” Hitler to power.

There was some slight interference from the USHR which held hearings,
but Bush/Dulles wrapped themselves in the flag – Prescott Bush ended
up in Congress – and Allen Dulles went on to betray us all by managing
the movement of 200,000+ ex-Nazis into the US (where they were used
to found the CIA, funneled into the FBI and other government agencies,
and to “hot spots” around the world.
Some of Bush’s funds were confiscated by the government, but not much
else happened to them.

We did defeat Germany, but not fascism.
Two years before the end of WWII, plans were laid to destroy a free press
in the US (Operation Mockingbird) and to ensure the rise of the Fourth Reich here.
High ranking Nazis were actually visiting our Pentagon/Operation Paperclip.
Plans were also being laid where only the right wing would rise to take hold of
governments in nations over which the US had influence and control – i.e., Italy,
France, Germany, Japan. (Operation Gladio).
Additionally, in Italy the US actually resurrected the Mafia there to ensure that the
plans would be carried out. Germany and Japan became leading economic powers
after WWII.

Greece, UK, India … how many more countries?

Fascism rests in the soul/bosom of every human being.
However, only a few of us are willing to use violence to enact control over others

And I don’t think any dictatorship has ever been run without torture and spying
on citizens.

Organized fascism rose in Northern Italy when the Vatican invented Capitalism
when Feudalism was no longer sufficient to run their Papal States.

Congress has not and is not really anything but the two wings of the US fascist, war parties.

Agree – sadly.

There’s also some interesting history of the Vatican involvement in fascist SPAIN …
and the question of Catholic votes here which allegedly kept FDR from protecting what
was intended to be a democracy there.

For those who may be interested in the various roles the Vatican has played in our history here
are two bits of info and two links …

George Seldes

The Vatican Propaganda Machine: The Spanish “Civil War” Lesson

From George Seldes, the “dean and granddaddy of investigative reporters,” when it comes to issues important to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, “… there is no free press in America.” Seldes’s extensive study of the Spanish Civil War and the related control of the American press by the Catholic hierarchy is exceedingly instructive for all who are concerned about this freedom.

In 1931, Spain became the Republic of Spain, a liberal democracy that separated church and state, ended State monetary support for the church and adopted the principles of Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of the Press. The Vatican feared for the Church’s very survival in Spain. There had been four insurrections since 1835, and it was the Spanish people, the poor workers and poor peasants, who burned the churches because they blamed the hierarchy for having persistently backed the upper class. The latest uprising against the Catholic Church took place throughout the country in July, 1936. One historian described it as “the work of masses of common people, a spontaneous uprising.” The Vatican feared that the liberal democracy with its freedoms would spell the end of the Church in Spain.



American Civil War – Assassination of Lincoln

The Vatican HATED the U.S. before the fall of the Papal States!!

Before the fall of the Papal States in 1870, the Vatican HATED the United States and its Constitution. The U.S. was a haven for many of the refugees who fled Europe after the Revolution of 1848. Garibaldi and Gazazzi were welcomed as HEROES by the Protestant U.S. Many in the U.S. supported the liberation of Italy and contributed to its success with soldiers and money.

The Vatican NEVER forgave the U.S. for that support to the liberators.

Thank God we didn’t have the 20th Amendment when Lincoln won the election. He needed a lot of time to select patriotic and qualified men to help him save the Union. If the 25th Amendment was in force then there would be no United States today!!


And what seminal event does this all lead back to? Oh never mind.

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Thanks for your comprehensive, sagacious and perspicacious reply. Your quote above is exactly why I call Amerika the Fourth Reich. Even though more covert and surreptitious than the Third Reich; what many have correctly called: inverted totalitarianism; nevertheless fascist.

Who is the real terrorist here?

All of this death and destruction, and for what, exactly?

Remember that one person’s “Terrorist” is someone else’s “Patriot”.

War is never the solution. to anything!

Indiscriminate bombing is murder, no matter how you look at it.