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US-Led Bombing Campaign in Syria Killed 1,600 Civilians and Left Raqqa 'Most Destroyed City in Modern Times': Study


US-Led Bombing Campaign in Syria Killed 1,600 Civilians and Left Raqqa 'Most Destroyed City in Modern Times': Study

Julia Conley, staff writer

An "unprecedented" new study released on Thursday revealed that the U.S.-led bombing campaign on Raqqa, Syria in 2017—which one military commander at the time claimed was the "most precise air campaign in history"—killed an estimated 1,600 innocent civilians while leveling the city on a scale unparalleled in recent decades.

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Death from above must never be stated here.

Pure Evil comes from another direction.



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Barbarians from Europe came to America over five hundred years ago. They destroyed an agricultural system they could not even see, murdered the people already living here and privatized their land.

Rich valley soils such as along the Connecticut river were farmed to depletion and the barbarians moved west murdering the inhabitants and privatizing their land as they went west.

When the murderous barbarians reached the Pacific they kept going and to this very day are killing and plundering the lands of completely innocent people world-wide.


Follow the money or the proposed oil pipeline through Syria.


The record we’re breaking is undoubtedly our own. Leveling entire cities seems to be our particular specialty – I don’t even know of a serious contender. We’re number one. USA! USA! USA!


But on the plus side, we put a man on the Moon and invented instant orange juice.

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“I’m the Director of the CIA. We lie, we cheat, we steal!”

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And this is somehow the exception to the rule? We have been committing atrocities of innocent people from day one of our “war on terror.” For every known enemy combatant we have killed, we have killed at least a dozen or more innocent women, men, and children. And the vast majority of enemy combatants are fighting against us only because we are there in the first place, occupying and destroying their homeland. But hey, America is “exceptional,” so killing people who are not white, capitalist, or Christian is not only acceptable but ordained by our capitalist loving God. Be sure to thank a brave soldier for keeping us free here at home by having participated in the killing of over 2 million (a very conservative estimate) innocent people who never posed a threat to us in any way, in this noble “war on terror.”


And Coke bought Minute Maid and added sugar to it.


Wow, look how beautifully our Bombs work.


How many deaths per mile?


Nobody is counting…count on THAT!

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Julia Conley - Thanks for this article. It’s about time someone in the U.S. starts speaking out about the war crimes committed by our military and CIA in Syria. We were not invited there; and, according to international law, are committing war crimes by being there. In a just world, U.S. Lieutenant General Stephen J. Townswend would be tried and convicted in The Hague. By Saudi standards of justice, which the U.S. seems to have no problem with, I imagine his head would be displayed on a pike in the middle of Raqqa, along with a few other individuals from our “indispensable” nation.


No more hero worship toward our soldiers. They have all volunteered for this mission. An unholy, disgusting mission. None of them are ignorant enough to not know what we are all about militarily.
I’ll cut some slack for the those finishing out their retirement years, but that’s it. Our friends and neighbors in the fighting military are gung-ho glory hounds, or the poorest of us that are using the military to secure a leg up on education and vocation.
Once you have signed up you are not going to refuse orders.
But live training missions using real humans as training targets is sick.


First they added cocaine to it, but they were forced to switch to sugar after it became illegal.

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A perfect candidate for being drawn and quartered indeed.


" tens of thousands of US artillery strikes in Raqqa from June to October 2017"

Should have let the Russians deal with it. They took Berlin in 2 weeks. Could have made short work of ISIS pretty fast.

Alternatively, they could have let ISIS burn itself out. Once they people had enough of them they would have taken care of it.


I don’t want to shatter anybody’s “regime change” conspiracy theory here, but the US committed these atrocities fighting on the same side as your heroes Assad and Putin whose lists of atrocities are much longer.


When it come to love of Assad and Putin, the US-new-alt-left is in full agreement with right-wing extremists like you…