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US-Led Coalition Killed Hundreds of Civilians in Raqqa Airstrike Campaign, Breaking International Law, Amnesty Finds


US-Led Coalition Killed Hundreds of Civilians in Raqqa Airstrike Campaign, Breaking International Law, Amnesty Finds

Julia Conley, staff writer

Airstrikes against ISIS targets by the U.S.-led coalition in Raqqa, Syria likely breached international humanitarian law and amounted to war crimes, according to a new report by Amnesty International.

100s of civilians killed:

-in their homes.
-where they sought refuge.
-as they tried to flee.


Does anybody remember that when Hillary was showing off her “international” creds during the presidential dog-n-pony show, she proposed her own “war against ISIS” in which the U.S. (without the consent of the Iraqis or Sryians) would “…go on to Raqqa…”?

Just askin’ because there is no Duopoly party of corporations that controls all facets of “government” in the U.S. and the Dems are the lesser evil, etc., etc., etc. ad nauseam…


WHEN — and HOW — will the U.S. forces ever be held responsible for their acts around the world??
Is hiding the facts and details from the media a sufficient act to make our nation free from responsibility for its actions and their consequences? If I recall correctly, we once boasted of our moral leadership.


Military’s Impact on State Economies


This is quite an interesting study. Most politicians in every state are put in office thru money made in the MIC.


Here is another set of war crimes that the United States was found guilty of for which no punishment was ever received:


So, we can look at Israel’s response to assault on its Gaza border in a somewhat different light. Same circumstances - root out terrorists holding civilian population as a shield – except with appropriate care on on the part of IDF.

Simultaneous with events in Gaza was the Syrian national army assault on the Palestinian Yarmouk refugee camp in order to root out IS – hundreds of civilians killed, hundreds of home demolished. Not a peep out anyone on this site.

A week later, the Indian army intervened in Kashmir to root out Islamist terrorists. Same scenario with no comment here.

Now it’s Raqqa. Ditto.

Oh, I don’t expect many on this site to agree but, at least, face your hypocrisy.


10 thumbs up if I could. This slaughter of Civilians has been part and parcel of US Military tactics for a LONG time. 90 percent of persons killed in war since the end of WW2 are civilians. The US does not get a pass here in spite of the medias complicity in covering up those crimes and in spite of all this nonsense about “precision munitions”.

To those soldiers seen as “heroes” for defending “freedom and liberty” there no escaping those numbers. For every enemy combatant an individual soldier might kill , that soldier is killing 9 civilians.

Back to Korea. General Lemay openly boasted of killing 20 percent of that Countries and openly boasted that every building of any note was destroyed. He bragged of war crimes and mass slaughter and never faced war crimes charges.


Yes, like the “most moral army in the Middle East” murdering a nurse and an 8-month old baby. Face your own hypocrisy—if you dare.


If Vietnam and the attack called “Desert Storm” are any examples, they come home, suffer from PTSD and chemical and radiation poisoning, and eventually kill themselves in fairly large numbers.


“US-Led Coalition Killed Hundreds of Civilians in Raqqa Airstrike Campaign, Breaking International Law, Amnesty Finds”

Hey, it is what we do. Some people build, some people kill…and some countries kill wholesale and indiscriminately. Of course don’t tell that to the average American who has been socially programmed from birth, with an attentions span of less then five minutes, lgnorant as a stump…and patriotic to the bone. Proud to not be one of them.


Do you only post on articles on the ME, particularly those involving Palestine-Israel? I checked your profile and that seems to be the case. Would you mind telling us why? Thank you.



Geez! Why all the complaining? What’s a little “collateral damage”?! (Snark)


Shows us how "in bed’ Amnesty International is with the coalition countries. If Amnesty International were a truly independent global force for good, the organization would be demanding that the coalition get the hell out of Syria, where they have not been invited and where they committing war crimes in violation of international law. - Fu<k Amnesty International -


The hypocrisy that disturbs me is when folks from the US ignore the history of their genocide against the First Nations and enslavement of the African. When Israel or any other nation is criticized for their own genocides “Americans” would have more credibility if they remembered their own history. But things seem to be changing on that score If I had to judge from the many posts online. Native Peoples are also making some common cause with the Palestinians, the indigenous of Palestine among whom are also Christians and Jews. The Real News ran a good story on activists engaging in the latest flotilla.


Inept traitors and the orange orangutan, if not this feces covered ape then the long line of leashed apes before him.
50 years of stinking apes… no wonder DC is the dung capitol of the world.


This, of course, is exactly what the US/UK were accusing Russia and Syria of doing in Aleppo. Meanwhile they were doubling down on the slaughter in Raqqa, without the media making any effort to hold them to account while they poured vitriol over the Russians and Syrians.

If the UN were functioning as I once hoped it would, it would be censuring the US/UK for their blatant commission of war crimes, as well as their wars of aggression against other countries in pursuit of regime change. All this is illegal, as is the presence of US and UK troops on Syrian territory, where they have not been invited. Their contempt for international law and the inability of the upholders of international law to call them to account is pathetic.


I really wish the Hague would call up DJT into criminal court and charge him with war crimes. And GWB.


There is an interesting factor in all this that might become very useful were it more widely known.

There is, within the US, a sense that the American soldiers thrown into combat or even into the sort of slaughter that we apparently have here deserve some sort of reward from the system that they bought into. We find, for example, that it is offensive that the US government performs invasive and dangerous experiments on military personnel that generally cannot sue, and that damaged youths who signed up as heroes are mostly brushed off as the dregs of society when the rulers find it convenient.

It is worth knowing that the American and allied recruitment of ISIS members happens in very much the same way. They are led to believe that they do something heroic. For the most part, they either fight for a cause or excuse their violent vices with a cause, just like American soldiers.

Very much like American soldiers, they are regarded as expendable. There are some differences in that they are regarded as more expendable, but this is largely a function of the different cost of the public relations, since the ruling class is more extensively dependent on the relative good will or passivity of Americans and Europeans than that of many nationalities.

But the different PR status of ISIS fighters is rather stark. As happens with other mob assassin types sometimes, their employers actually get a PR boost from their slaughter. The game then becomes paying one group to slaughter another until a supportable fiction is arrived at.

We all might want to take this sort of thing into consideration as we “strive to be productive members of society,” in whatever sense each of us think of that. There’s really not much call to be working for these people.


Are you pointing fingers at me? or are you pointing fingers at citizens of the USA? or are you pointing fingers at the media? or ?

Yes, there is hypocrisy. And there are a lot of discouraged people with consciences out here too, trying to survive while hoping that collectively we will again stand up against those who would commit war crimes in our name, again stand against those who equate our not standing up to them in their evil as being equivalent to our complicit support in their evil.


He or she is failing to look in the mirror. There’s where those fingers should be pointing.