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US Losing Trade War with China


US Losing Trade War with China

Reese Erlich

When I first reported from China in 1980, bicycles outnumbered cars on Beijing's major streets, and the tallest building in town was a 25-story hotel. I visited a small village that had one black and white TV, which everyone watched at night.


A policy of Madness driven by a Madman.


i wonder how many jobs will be lost as we wait around for it to turn out “gooder”.


US Losing Trade War with Financialization


Devil’s Advocate here: I live in the middle of farm country. Folks around here are and have always been hard-headed Conservatives. And if you look at a detailed voting map of the US, I think it is fair to say that applies to All rural areas of the US.

One thing though, farmers hate welfare. Although they do like their crop subsidies, CRP payments, US, state, and county built roads, fire and police protection…well, you get the drift. (www.ewg.org allows you to look up any farmer you may know and see how much they suck off the government tit. Two brothers I know, Tea Partiers, who are farming Daddy’s acreage, were recently receiving $99,000 each per year!)

Don’t hate me for saying this, but maybe Trump’s Tariffs should bite them all in the ass for a few years. What better way for them to (possibly) realize that Republicants were at fault?

One more thing. As a requirement for getting any of Trump’s Welfare, they should have to sign a simple paper reading: _By accepting this payment, I, the signer, do recognize the money comes from a 1933 US Government program started by FDR and a Democratic Congress._

No signature, no money.


Of course changing the status quo hurts people now. The tariffs are to foster future job growth. Trump is using tariffs to help American workers, China is imposing tariffs aimed to hurt Americans. Right now China is just protecting its market hold on us, what if they wanted to influence our national policies? “Meet our demands or we wreak your economy!” Better a little pain now than capitulation later.


Wow Vman R U clueless! U dont understand what a tariff is! Its a tax on the American ppl! All Trump will do is lose American mkt share and permanently weaken our economy… get a clue foolish one