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US Mail Is #NotForSale: Postal Workers Nationwide Stand Together Against Trump's Privatization Plan


US Mail Is #NotForSale: Postal Workers Nationwide Stand Together Against Trump's Privatization Plan

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the United States Postal Service (USPS) closed on Monday for a national holiday celebrated by many municipalities as Indigenous Peoples Day, workers across the country held a day of action to protest President Donald Trump's proposal to privatize the postal service.


Nice thought and I hope it holds up BUT…EVERYTHING is now “for sale” in the Corporate States of America. (Including Souls, apparently, given the occupiers of the government.)


I wondered when this was going to come up. Can’t blame this all on Trump, repugs have been working on this for years, buy cutting funding, then requiring that they finance their retirement for 75 years into the future. No other agency has to match those ridiculous standards.


I will be going to my local post office tomorrow to see if the workers are protesting but really, it is clear Trump, Inc. does not give a flying F— and we had best prepare for the worst and be willing to do more than protest. Join your local postal workers with the aim of building solidarity. Join your local League of Women voters where you live to show up at food shelves/pantries to register poor folks to vote.



Gawd dammit, NO privatizing of the USPS!!!
And yes, this is a RepubliCon driven shitshow, Agolf Twitler being a willing nincompoop signee. We are seeing the economic rape of this nation on steroids.


True but he is the facilitator extraordinare.

Contact the postal union to see if you, as a community member, can be a help in fighting this or just show up with a few friends outside the post office to protest and form solidarity connections.


There’s another multitude of people who will not vote for Trump.

Keep up the alienation Trump.


Trump and his corporate hit men have set their sights on the APWU, American Postal Worker’s Union, and have met their match.


This will be another monumental disaster it they(GOP) pull it off. They’ve been itching at this for years. There are some things the government must support and the USPS is one of those things. Pull some of the absurd military budget to fund them. It does look like the GOP coup takeover of everything is just about complete. Maybe it’s a corporate coup of the govt. Not sure anymore. We’re screwed no matter what. (The 80%)


Wrong. They would like to keep their jobs for sure. But the majority of them consistently vote against their own self interests, are republicans, and vote that way. It’s a sad thing to witness, actually with any workplace with a union.


Another sad part of this story is that after the way the Trump organization has failed, repubs still think business can run things better than government. Case in point. They think private insurance companies run healthcare better than medicare.


Are you a postal worker?

Where did you gain this knowledge about the APWU?


Privatization 101;

Write a law that requires the Post Office to save the complete retirement expense for employees not even born yet.

Talk to a buddy at Golden Sacks. Ask if he will loan the Post Office enough money to buy itself for you.

Of course ! That will be fifteen percent up front and 12% interest. Refinancing after five years is guaranteed at 15% renewal fee.

A Golden Sacks account will be opened for deposit of the postal service retirement account as security.

Investment speculation schemes, er, dreams for the United States Postal Service retirement account will be according to the expert considered investment discretion of Golden Sacks.


Over 170 years to get mail price to fifty cents, the price will increase rapidly if privatized.


Yes I was. But to be fair I was describing those in my work environment. And my city leans conservative, not completely, but generally. Sorry if I overcooked that one.


No worries mate.


What you mean-um “apparently”, Kemo Sabé?   It is nearly impossible to obtain a public office higher than dog-catcher, if that – certainly not School Board – without selling one’s soul to the fat-cat billionaires who control the ‘deep state’ that micro-manages the puppet-strings of “our” government.


I love the post office. I have always had wonderful mail people. NO, NO, NO to privatizing the Post Office! I have a better idea.
Its wrong for the goverrment to make the post office prepay 75 years of health coverage----who could afford to do that? BUT, it’s a decent idea for another department. PLEASE, make the military PREPAY 75 years more wars-----but if they can’t figure out how to do that-----just give each military department head a credit card—and when the money is all used up, we cancel the wars.
If this can’t be straightened out then awful Amazon will take over the Post Office too! : 0


Thank you for adding an exclamation point after my period, Unc. (-:slight_smile:


You’re right, I’m sure the right has been waiting for the conditions our republic is in now, to finish their privatization plan of one of our oldest agencies. And I like the plan of showing support to you’re local P.O.
This might also be a good time for Dem. leaders to put forth a bill for banking at the P.O., it won’t pass in the current climate in DC, but could drum up support for the PO from the public.