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US Mail Is #NotForSale: Postal Workers Nationwide Stand Together Against Trump's Privatization Plan


You’re welcome, my friend.   And BTW, Section 8 of Article 1 of the Constitution includes the establishment
of Post Offices (and Post Roads) as a function of the Federal Government, so it follows naturally that they
will be privatized along with the rest of “our” democracy becoming the sole (and soul-less) property of the
Multi-NaZional Korporations . . .


Uncle Fester, another point worth mentioning – the USPS receives no taxpayer funding/money at all. It is self-supporting through the sale of stamps and other services.


Do the math and understand how the minds of the 1 percent work. (correct my math if it wrong)

There 530000 people that work for USPS. They earn a decent income of around 26 dollars an hour. I know some here see that as a fortune but I think it around what all people deserve to live halfways decent lifestyles given the costs of living.

Now this is the ONE percent thinking.

530000 people at 26 dollars an hour. I take this thing over as an INVESTOR and cut the workers wages to 15 dollars an hour. Thats 11$ times 530000 per hour or close to 6 million an hour or just around 50 million a day in “savings”.

Now if people think these savings passed on to the consumer, I have a bridge to sell you. That Investor can generate some 250 million a week extra cash just buy CUTTING wages.

So this what it all boils down to from the “investor” POV.

Rather then pay that 250 million a week in higher wages divided by 530000 people , I am going to gut their wages and that 250 million a week will flow my way and to my fellow investors after all I and my fellow investors deserve a decent return on Investment.

BINGO wealth creation and soon there writeups in all the business papers of how sharp a business person this investor is. Capitalism in action!


Without our Postal System and Ben Franklin’s “postal inspections” and visits to the “Committees of Correspondence” before the American Revolution, there never would have been a revolution against the British. The US Postal Service was mandated by our Constitution and essential to our democracy and government. Now the Republicans and their 1% owners want to “privatize” it for profit. So no wonder they passed this bill to fund pensions for workers 75 years in advance to bankrupt it. It fits right in with their ideology that government can’t do anything right. And we need to get rid of unions everywhere, especially in government or quasi government agencies. Only for profit businesses can do things right not any government agency according to their ideology. Can’t have any non-profit entity competing with the FedEx and UPS or other delivery service. God forbid anything interfering with the quest for almighty profits!