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US Marines Have Quietly Arrived in Syria to Fight ISIS: Reports


US Marines Have Quietly Arrived in Syria to Fight ISIS: Reports

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

U.S. marines are in Syria to augment the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) in the battle for Raqqa, the militant group's de facto capital, having quietly arrived in the country weeks ago, defense officials confirmed to the Washington Post on Wednesday.


" Trump administration will give Pentagon more flexibility in calling the shots."

What an asinine statement! The Pentagon has been calling the shots at least, ever since the U.S. illegal wars in Korea and Vietnam, when Congress abdicated their power to declare war. The Pentagon gets trillions of $$$$ with no accountability; war criminals like Bush and Obama never indicted; and what a joke, Trump, the so called Commander-in Chief is nothing but a quisling for the Pentagon.


And what exactly gives the US the right in invade a sovereign country that has not attacked the US or poses any kind threat to the US? Why does no one ask this question? And then if Syrians fight back they are called terrorists for defending themselves How does the American public keep going along with this crap?


And while the US officials machinate over Russia interference in our affairs and other such rot (backed by too much of the MSM both print and broadband); endless senseless debates over how bad our healthcare is; our infrastructure crumbling at an alarming rate; our consumers bent on buying more crapless junk to fill their unfulfilled lives, we continue the endless search for global "Full Spectrum Dominance" costing us our own young treasure but also robbing us of progressive legislation, and murdering more and more "foreigners" who won't succumb to our dominance.
We continue to be a disgrace.


Calling the US "a disgrace" is charitable.

Isn't ROGUE NATION more accurate ?


Why all this pussyfooting around with half-measures? We should just kill everyone in the Middle East who is not Israeli or Saudi and end this constant back and forth discussion about troop deployments. Lets make Syria great again!


Why does no one ask this question? " How does the American public keep going along with this crap? Millions of us have protested about not going along with this crap, but it does no good because the military,corporate, war profiteers, and the corrupt, presidents and congress have done a military, coup D' etat!


Exactly. No one asks how can we pay for all these wars. But they sure ask how will we pay for health care.


In felated news, Trump dropped more bombs on Yemen in one week than Obama did in any year of his presidency. I'm very glad we didn't put a warmonger in office, though.



The American public is generally so dumbed down by the MSMs' government-provided propaganda that they have no clue as to what's taking place on this earth. I've even spoken with poly-sci graduates of top private colleges, who actually believed that Libya had to be attacked because of widespread mass raping caused by Gaddafi feeding his army Viagra. Do you think that these sorts of Americans even bother to ask why or how Obama put us $8 trillion further in debt? We're primarily a nation of mindless sheep being set up for eventual slaughter.


So, rump's solution to the Syrian refugee "problem" is to kill them before they can leave Syria. Why am I not surprised....

Howitzers are hardly surgical. My dad was an officer in an artillery division. I've seen live fire artillery exercises. I was even allowed to fire a howitzer myself. I was 14 y/o at the time. Also, not all of the projectiles explode on impact.



"The weeklong blitz in Yemen eclipsed the annual bombing total for any year during Obama’s presidency."

-- Not exactly clear what the numbers are here, since there's no elaboration of this lone statement. To my knowledge, other than drone and cruise missle strikes, the U.S. was not very active, last year, in Yemen. It was basically the Saudi-led coalition who did all the bombing, with billions of dollars worth of munitions we had sold to them. This view is supported by the following article:

The US just bombed Yemen, and no one's talking about it -- Oct. 15, 2016 -- Moustafa Bayoumi -- theguardian

...the US, which has sold the Saudis $110bn worth of arms since President Obama assumed office, and recently approved the sale of $1.15bn more. The US also supplies the Saudis with necessary intelligence and logistics to prosecute its war. According to Reuters, the US government is also deeply concerned that it may be implicated in future war crimes prosecutions as a result of its support for the Saudi-led coalition.


Its windy today and the wind blew a tree over in my backyard. Of course, that may signal that DJT will let the military walk his dog. Oh wait he does not have a dog. Bad Trump.

The war in Syria you can not wish onto DJT. This is an illegal war that was started by Obama with HRC in command as the SOS. It started with Obama's lie that Assad gas his own people.


Mark the calendar. We have INVADED Syria. Trump and his ego wants to be a WAR PRESIDENT.

I look for him to use tactical nukes against suspected ISIS territory. Because, ya know, he has to be "the toughest ever".

How quiet the MSM is about this invasion of a sovereign country.