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US Military Bombs Syrian Mosque During Evening Prayers, Killing Dozens


US Military Bombs Syrian Mosque During Evening Prayers, Killing Dozens

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

U.S. military officials have confirmed that a U.S. aircraft struck a mosque outside of Aleppo, Syria during evening prayers on Thursday, killing dozens of civilians, in an attack that many are calling a war crime.


Why does the logic still not make sense to people? Why are they still blind to the fact that, since the "enemy" all look alike, the only way they can make sure they "get" them is to kill everyone who looks like "them".

You know, destroy the village in order to save it.


"Why do they hate us"?????


It's not even been two full months and we're bombing a mosgue in Syria, slaughtering civilians in Yemen and edging very, very quickly toward war with North Korea.

We can not take four years of this.

Keep up the pressure to impeach this insult to humanity RIGHT NOW. There's already enough to do it. Now it's just a matter of political will, and that's up to us.


And Pence would do the exact same thing as the impeached Trump, minus the dumbed-down twitter rants.


If all you've got to sell me is the doctrine of "No Hope," then you belong on the nihilist left, but you've got nothing for me. Out of the way, let the adults do the hard work of saving you.


40+ martyrs may help turn the tide, although MSNBC reported, as I was reading this, that CENTCOM is now scrambling to deny, claiming "photographs show the mosque is still standing." But they're also reporting an Israeli air strike in Syria, against a Hezbollah supply convoy and possibly with aircraft lost (being denied, of course).

And after a commercial break, they're back to a review of the "political" news. So maybe no tide. I'm getting too depressed to watch TV.


"Why do they hate us?"
No need to answer for most commentators on this thread, but it is certainly not for our freedoms; more like our military's freedom to murder them!


I'm sure you understand that my query was SARC at it's largest....


The cowardly US generals will blame targeting inaccuracy excuse as they did the Kundoz Hospital in Afghanistan but those are outright lies. The weapons the US military uses are extremely accurate.


They hate anyone they are programmed to hate, the Native Americans, the Mexican migrants, the Germans in WWII and the Japanese and the Vietnamese, the Iraqis, the middle easterners it's all the art of social engineering. So successful in the USA is social engineering and using corporate owned and operated TV, newspapers and radio to totally control the stupid masses. They don't even pause to ask why would a Rupert Murdoch owned TV and newspaper pro\int or say anything that might endanger the wealth of the obscenely wealthy beasts.


You might be more persuasive if you paid attention to what others are actually saying. Otherwise you sound a little programmed yourself.


I'd thought, apparently incorrectly, that being progressive was an optimistic orientation. Almost by definition. Certainly not evident here, but Bernie keeps on.


I agree. The Crumpus Clown in Chief is the epitome of incompetence! He's going to take us all down if we don't impeach him under being unable to govern and being NOT of sound mind.


Ho-hum...nothing to see here...just another tiny little war crime by the uninvited USA. So much for our precision weaponry. Some day, Heaven forbid, bombs are going to start going off all over the US of A; and, Americans will still wonder "why?".


War-crime is redundant.


Ever hear of the saying, "Don't grow up kid, because the adults are all fucked-up?" I did not think so. Why punish lesson48 for trying to teach you something? Common Dreams, all Clique, Clack, Clickity-Clack, Clique!


Hello friend! Please list all the life-affirming,peace and planet-loving executive orders you believe we will get from Mike Pence. Would love to have that kind of "hope" if Trump gets impeached. And I forgive you completely for any and all of your rude replies, past, present and future.


Let's see here now...armed drones can pinpoint targets and victims in Afghanistan while being programmed by "pilots" sequestered in military ops facilities in undisclosed parts of Nevada yet U S aircraft with actual visual sighting of any number of buildings/mosques on the ground "mistakenly" level a mosque filled with worshipers. Everyone throughout the chain of command should be prosecuted for murder and made to pay restitution to the families of the deceased, the wounded and the entire community including rebuilding the mosque and restoring the entire surrounding area. And an apology should be published. Those would be the JUST and HUMANE things to do...in a perfect world. So heartrending to see this over and over again.


Way to miss the entire point. I'll rephrase, maybe you'll get it this time.

I resist, and I urge others to resist.

You collaborate. There's nothing else to call the kind of nihilism you endorse that keeps a sexist racist in the WH, along with Bannon, Gorka and Sessions, and let's not forget about "Only black people can be racists" Mercer, who finances Trump.

So many on the so-called "Left" are veryvery comfortable with overt racism and misogyny in the WH. I wonder what that's about....