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US Military Killed Three Innocent Farmers in Somalia Airstrike: Amnesty

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/01/us-military-killed-three-innocent-farmers-somalia-airstrike-amnesty

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Just another day in America’s perpetual recruitment drive for new enemies (a.k.a. the War on “Terror”).


Should be called the war on peace


Recalling what Bear Lincoln, an indigenous man from Mendocino County, said to me about too many US Americans: They are homicidal maniacs. Period.

AFRICOM has refused to back down on its claim that the three men were “terrorists”,

So said the real terrorists–you know, those who make unnecessary wars for other peoples resources.


The military once ensconced itself into a mighty PENTA----but it’s GON now. They lie they cheat they dissemble----and then they have the nerve to send a PENTA- GRAM which reads: " We make no mistakes, anyone we kill is a terrorist!"

And the world listened— until now. Lies. lies. everything is lies! Shouted from the rooftops and then the UN—moved they moved the UN to the Hague -----and said, at the end of WW 2 we came here once before------and justice was done. Let us reassemble here again as we did in WW 2, for the land, formerly known as America has failed--------and death and its dominion have settled there. The world sang in unison a giant ,“YES” and PEACE returned to the planet!
It could happen----because America kills anything that moves, and it’s time, nations of the world , to Move to where Peace is the true dominion. : )

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The US military is a terrorist organization. Indiscriminately killing civilians is what terrorists do, no?


As the world’s policeman, we treat countries of color the same way our civilian policemen treat citizens of color.

This isn’t anything new.


The christian country strikes again!


And all that is without questioning the right of the USA to kill people without due process anyway. We have reached the point where random execution is accepted as a feature of the “rules based order” which the West likes to pretend it upholds while daily offending against it.


Please put quotation marks around the word, “Christian”. What they did ain’t Christian at all. Jesus would be appalled. If they would only read the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. A total of a mere 250 or so pages, they would realize the error of their ways.

Right to life, anyone? Anyone? Yeah, I know. That’s “off topic.” Fetuses can’t be terrorists, but any born person can be stripped of their humanity by a Pentagon spokesman.

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Anyone who joins up to the US military is in my mind a homicidal maniac and a terrorist. You can clearly see what your going to be involved in and if you join anyway well, the shoe fits. And frankly I have felt for a long time that if they die I feel nothing but relief another maniac is dead. And if their families are pro military that goes ditto… Harsh, I know, but if we all stop worshipping these people and start calling them the baby killers and murderers they are maybe they will think twice about becoming a military terrorist…
As an aside I fly a lot for business and pleasure… almost every other flight for nearly the past twenty years I encounter flag waving military worshippers welcoming home their murderous family or friends… it sickens me…


We claim the right to be innocent until proven guilty. But we carry out wars and drone strikes which seem not to care about innocent or guilty. We take young and vulnerable recruits into the military, call them heroes and turn them into murderers. They will suffer from guilt all their lives or swagger through their lives proud of the dark deeds our country asked of them. We are invaders of all these countries which puts us on the wrong side of justice.


You know how it is with real estate
–location, location, location.

No…they wouldn’t.


Gabbard volunteered, and although it is not mentioned when her military record is touted, she is a medic.

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As an old veteran I find this post offensive as hell! You cannot wrap ALL who went into the military into a simple and easy bundle! Given that you “fly a lot for business”, I must assume that you are a white-collar greedy ass-wipe who cares more about money than people! There…we are even…for now…

We have to redefine words like terrorist, patriot, military justice, and others. They have become confusing terms.

As another veteran I feel the same way. The military personnel cover a gamut attitudes and personalities.
We need to focus our disdain for unwanted violence on those who promote it. There are any number of reasons for joining. Having recruiters giving the hard sell to young people in school is just one way.

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You may want to read up on the history of christianity in regards to war, genocide, imperialism, slavey, oppression and persecution.
“This” is exactly what christians have been doing ever since their sick deathcult was first spread at the edge of a sword.

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