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US Military Prepares Drastic Escalation of Global Drone Program


US Military Prepares Drastic Escalation of Global Drone Program

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


There have been many stories of living life under drones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and more. Stories of terror, of not knowing when you go to the store if you will make it back home. Not knowing if your kids will make it back from school, or your husband back from planting trees without being blown apart. Lying sleepless, not knowing for sure if a drone hovers above you, if your or a neighbor’s home will be blown to bits, scattering pieces of your friends or family about the yard and road.

  • Now this most terrible terrorist act from the biggest terrorist nation on earth is to be expanded, world-wide? No place, no person is to be able to consider him/herself safe, anywhere.
  • That includes, or will include, here in the US Fourth Reich as We the People awaken and begin to protest in earnest.
  • Look at our “allies” today. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, the Nazi regime the Reich put into power in the Ukraine and many more.
  • Cruelty and Repression R Us, and it continues to grow.


I am afraid that the subjects of the Fourth Reich will not awaken until they find themselves in a concentration camp, or a forced labor brigade.

  • Then, it may be too late.


My hope is the dollar loses its reserve status or crashes, and funding for the machine becomes much more difficult.


" Careful what you wish…oops. " We are in the process of getting it. China’s stock market correction of 30% actually protected their worker’s salaries and their homes and jobs. Their stock market has risen so that $1 invested returned $10. Now it’s only $7, oh boo hoo. Will oil prices collapsing it is going to be buyer’s market unless the Neo-Fascists can start a Big War. And, even that may not work. Time to implement a .20 cent Federal gas tax increase and dedicate it solely to infrastructure and energy savings and investments.


war from beyond range hides the blood, screams and the media from pictures or sounds to put reality to the death and distruction. Bravery and heartlessness from afar sterilizes our conscience


If country X violates international law with the use of drones for surveillance and attack against country Y, what is country Y’s legitimate recourse under international lawsand/or laws pertaining to human rights? ICC? UN? Self defense?

If country X has no fear of consequences, what is the likelihood it will change its policies? And if consequences are needed to deter aggression, what body will enforce these? The aforementioned bodies? Or, are nations relegated to might makes right?


Wall Street will make a “killing”.


So far, it always does. It feels entitled to a gallon of blood for every pound of flesh.

  • A million can die of war, starvation, disease, thirst, and it will not cause the slightest qualm as long as there is an additional buck in the coffers of the 0.001%.
  • There will come a day when someone will fight back seriously. That will be the day that the Oligarchy will have a nuclear strike launched to teach that country (and the rest of the world) a “lesson.”
  • A counterstrike will be launched by that country or one of its allies and Global Warming will be replaced by Nuclear Winter and the probable death of the human race and most of what else lives on planet earth.
  • The last Oligarch standing with the biggest bankroll will be declared, or will declare him/herself, the winner before falling to the tortured earth. (Remember their dictum, “The one who dies with the most toys wins.”)
  • And to think that I saw a much more pleasant future ahead of us, some seventy odd years ago. Ah, well, we all make mistakes.


Me too. We underestimated the power of privilege.

“People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage.” John Galbraith (1908 -)


Every time I see the expression “Law of the Jungle” I think of the fundamental alterity of deep forest dwelling peoples who have stewarded those biomes for millennia. And just as an assertion of the integrity of lexicon involving these jungles and these peoples - I could not be more serious when I say that the problem is that it is not and never has been anywhere near to the REAL Laws of the Jungle. But it is probably safe to say that those Laws are gaining clearer and wider recognition. The problem as I see it is that the drone sub-culture system that dominates has no ears to hear, eyes to see or mind with which to recognize reality right in front of it. It long ago established a closed loop, which is deadly.


Right, turns it into a computer game!


If we Americans do not stop this insanity, someone else will. Every drone strike adds to the vast amount of hatred of Americans that is building up on this earth and that hatred started building up long ago. It’s just a matter of time until the world officially announces that America must be destroyed, just like Nazi Germany before it. And that date is not in the distant future. This plan to increase the drone force by 50% moves that date even closer. These military fools are playing with fire and the rest of the world will not allow this bullying and this murdering to go on much longer.


Payback comes in many forms and names. The imperialist amerikan empire is due for enough bad karma to sink the empire for good!
World opinion, and pressure is rapidly turning against the empire. Details will play out, but that loss of support will be huge.
As for the deluded masses; there are still way too comfy. Most of their toys and dropout stuff are still readily available. As the economic collapse continues, the people will begin a wake up/ rise up!
Viva La Revolucion!


So, what does Sanders have to say about these drones?


I’ve noticed another thing lately. Wherever you go, whatever you do, there is always a time, in an auditorium, in a church during the service, apparently during the 7th inning stretch at ball games and sports events where everybody is supposed to stand up and sing God Bless America! And they do! Those that don’t get anything from hate stares to running into a surprise in the parking lot.

  • Why does Deutschland, Deutschland über alles spring to mind along with the Horst Wessel Leid?


No, No, fuk NO… Bad enough flying drones and killing people, but also hiring mercenaries to do this too??? Have we all gone nuts? We haven’t won a military engagement since WWII. These morons in the Pentagon should not be trusted… We have clear evidence that they are a bunch of dolt or political wannabes…


If I can shoot down one of these drones, can I keep the parts?


I love chickens too; yet, such a good analogy. Yes, dear chickens, bring it home, roost, o no roast, ayaya, el mente oscurece, the mind blurs…adelante…por la Paz


The stock market is not an indication of how well the average person is doing, only how Wall Street is doing.

Here’s a novel idea…how about removing the countless loopholes and taxing the oil and arms industries instead of taxing the poor and middle class to death?