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US Military Should Get Out of the Middle East


US Military Should Get Out of the Middle East

Jeffrey D. Sachs

It’s time to end US military engagements in the Middle East. Drones, special operations, CIA arms supplies, military advisers, aerial bombings — the whole nine yards. Over and done with. That might seem impossible in the face of ISIS, terrorism, Iranian ballistic missiles, and other US security interests, but a military withdrawal from the Middle East is by far the safest path for the United States and the region. That approach has instructive historical precedents.


Let the voices of reason ring loud and clear. Reason can replace war. It can use the bitter lessons learned in war and environmental collapse to create a new form of democracy with the strength to control lust for wealth and power at any cost.

Autonomous democracy is not part of government. Mull it over. Distributed intelligence tells government what to do.


That might seem impossible because of ISIS? No Jeffrey! The reason that is impossible has nothing to do with ISIS and everything to do with what MLK called the U.S. military 1 year before his assassination by our own government: "MY COUNTRY IS THE GREATEST PURVEYOR OF VIOLENCE IN THE WORLD". Today MLK jr. would probably say that his country is the #1 purveyor of terrorism in the world!


Since Iraq was shone to NOT have 'weapons of mass destruction', ISIS is just the current excuse our puppet-
eers - the Military/Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about - need to justify their obscene share of America's budget.  Without the ongoing wars in the middle east Boeing, General Dynamics, Lockheed-Martin, etc., etc., would have far fewer customers and almost no profits at all.  Think that the Repooplican's failure to repeal and replace O'Bummercare had a negative effect on Wall Street?  Announce our withdrawal from the Middle East and a ban on arms sales to any nation thereof and see what happens!!

By the way, the above article is one of the most thorough yet succinct summaries of twentieth century history (plus a few years on both ends) that I've ever seen.  Well done, Mr. Sachs.  Gee, I wonder why almost none
of this has ever been taught in our public schools?


The reality is OIL. All this verbiage may very well be true ( I think so) but the reality for us is the last hurrah of oil now. Sachs is correct that we should just get out of the Middle East but he places too much emphasis on old fashioned empire and not enough on modern corporate control of empire! Fossil fuel corporations and interests pin us down in the Middle East. The enemy shoots at us but it is our corporations that keep us there.

The world no longer needs that oil. We could switch off the oil pumps in comparatively short order using solar and wind. We stay for oil that we no longer truly need. That is the result of empire. Economic empire. The prolongation of oil.


Amerika is a military/industrial/business dictatorship and like any other business is dependent on a demand for its products, in order to stay in business.

Like I have posted before; if the military and its war profiteers, had no enemies, they would have to manufacture them...and that is exactly what they do!


I think that what was left out of the article is that the driving force of much of US actions in the latter half of the last century was to make sure that no economic order other than the neoliberal order that so grossly favored so-called elites, could be seen to be successful, lest the people, especially the people of the US would see a way to move to a economic system where the income and wealth was shared more rationally among all of the people, those produced it. That’s the main reason, for example, that the US has for decades made so much effort to push the Cuban economy into failure.


For the US to get out the Middle East, we need to shut down or jam every last organ of the MSM, all of which is effectively controlled by the Pentagon.

And then we will need to oust every last member of Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch, all of which are effectively controlled by the Pentagon.

Not impossible, mind you, but let's just be clear what we are up against. The US long ago quietly shifted into a defacto Military Dictatorship.

Hence, arguments of logic & reason amount to a fart in the wind.


The same reason that, when I was in school, Vietnam was rarely mentioned even though it was on TV every night. Schools are to teach/indoctrinate people to serve the capitalists. It rarely matters who's in the White House as long as the empire is served. This was a great article and I wish more folks could read this bit of recent history.


To actually drain the swamp and not just give it lip service.


The sole reason that Libya was destroyed!


Congratulations on an excellent article and on CD for publishing it. Rare indeed that the truth is so clearly exposed.

' Consider the terrorism used by Jewish settlers against the British Empire and local Palestinians in their fight for Israel’s independence and territory;'

Information such as this will not be published elsewhere, CD will be besieged by complaints by every sort of communication, as will Professor Sachs!

It is impossible to commend this article too highly.


Total de acuerdo! The imperialist amerikan empire is by far the #1 terrorist nation, and the most dangerous, out of control nation on our fragile Planet !
On a positive note, all the suffering that fascist amerika has brought on the World amounts to such bad karma, that the empire is sliding into the abyss!
The people will remain. Can they make a peaceful nation, after the fall?


Thanks again, for your insight Jeffrey.: https://www.thenation.com/article/harvard-boys-do-russia/.:


Anyone see Gelenn Greenwald's commentary today over at The Intercept?:


If he did that and get out of Africa and Latin America as well, he would stand a good chance to get my vote in 2020. Unless of course he runs against Bernie or somebody like him.:slight_smile:

But then, how will my vote stack up against the military/industrial complex? My vote will only count, if it is supported by 100 million of like votes.

But let us shove the dreaming aside and get rid of this administration in 2020, after curtailing its power in 2018.


Are you aware, that you are linking an article from 1998?
That was last century.
If you want a bit more up to date, read, how Russia is those idiotic sanctions to her advantage:

And: http://journal-neo.org/2016/04/21/now-russia-makes-an-organic-revolution/
There may soon come a time, when we will import quality food from Russia, because our agricultural land has become contaminated by glyphosate and GMOs gone invasive.


The comments here suggest not many CDers watch for the lineup of guests on MSNBC's Morning Joe, where Mr. Sachs appears relatively often. Just wondering, since I've invested about $380 in used ( 5 ) TVs, some even have HD 1080. You can see him holdforth without too much pain, fear and loathing. ( And, no one hates commercials more than I do, btw. )
Mr. Sachs speaks soft truth to power and proles, indeed. The hard truth is acknowledging that some USAins are not going down without a very hard fight on this issue. There's already been blood spilled aplenty in our recent history, foreign and domestic; there will be more there in the MENA and at home, count on it. Getting out of this Empire business is worth it, though. It's a bargain, truly.
Just bite your lip very hard and take a taste of your own blood, relish the flavor of earth in it, and imagine it coming again; you'll learn to deal with it. And, actually embrace it for what it acknowledges. Because, in the end, that's the small cost you may pay for the vision Mr. Sachs puts forth here.


Isis is doomed without American support, which is geared to sustain both sides of most conflicts just to keep the fires of bloodshed stoked and the dollars rolling in for "our" military/industrial complex.
Russia has clearly demonstrated within a short period of involvement, that she will have ISIS eliminated in short order, if we get out of the way.


Global Warming – let's call it what it is, not just the neutral-sounding 'Climate Change' – could be a boon for Russia by 2050.  Siberia could become the new Kansas - perhaps even the new California - as Kansas and California succumb to drought and ruined soil.  Maybe speeding up Global Warming, which Tweetle-Dumb's policies will certainly do, is another reason the Russkies are so pleased that he's our new 'Fearless Leader'.