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US Must 'Come Clean' About Civilian Carnage in Syria: Amnesty International


US Must 'Come Clean' About Civilian Carnage in Syria: Amnesty International

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As Defense Secretary Ash Carter announces that the U.S.-led military coalition has "already begun laying the groundwork" for an attack on the Syrian city of Raqqa, Amnesty International has warned that nearly a dozen attacks carried out by the forces may have killed as many as 300 civilians in the country in possible violation of international humanitarian law.


It certainly doesn't seem to matter to President Obama, ironically, a recipient of the Nobel peace prize and a former professor of constitutional law, that our intervention in the Syrian civil war violates the UN Charter and international law. Although Russia is in the country at the request of the recognized government, unlike the early stages of the military intervention by coalition forces in Libya, the Security Council has not authorized the use of military force in Syria. In this sense, the Syrian civil war long ago became a proxy war between the US and its NATO allies and Russia/Iran, which are supporting Assad.
The Syrian people desperately need an end to the civil war itself and a transitional political process under the auspices of the United Nations. This can only be achieved by cooperation between the United States and Russia, each of which wields a veto in the Security Council. History will record President Obama's failure to bolster the United Nations and the rule of international law as one of his greatest shortcomings.


"U.S. authorities should have taken steps to minimize that risk, including by issuing a warning, if feasible, or delaying the attack until civilians could be adequately protected, or canceling it if it was likely to be disproportionate."

How about the illegality of the US attacking Syria in the first place?


US military presence in Syria is itself a war crime.


In order for the U.S. to come clean about Syria the US must admit why they are supporting this war, in the first place! To remove Assad! No matter how much civilian carnage and egregious devastation is caused by this illegal war.

The problem with Assad, whether he is a thug or not, is totally irrelevant because he is Russia's thug not ours and will not cooperate economically with the fascist, AMERICAN REGIME.


US Empire concerned about civilian casualties?

HRW, what is the point of such absurd pretense, even rhetorically?


Yes, we'll get right on that.


So many potential debate questions not posed. Nothing to see here folks; move along (to the next mall).


And particularly concerning that seminal event that I not dare mention with specificity, in association with any questions or else.


No we don't we are exceptional.


I am not defending anyone's atrocities especially US atrocities - but Assad's barrel bombs and Russian bombs on Alleppo have killed about 5 times that number of civilians in just the past year.

Somehow, back in 2002-2003 we vigorously opposed the criminal US Iraq invasion without becoming apologists, or having any appearance of being apologists, of Saddam. What is it with the way the US left has adopted this quiet support, or appearance of support for the savage Assad and his ally Putin? I dearly hope that this is a misperception on my part, and I await someone here on CD correcting me on this matter.


Why come clean...???
...if you can conveniently blame it on Russia, which is, just as conveniently, blocked from stating its position by our system-obedient media.
Now we just have to find a way to silence Amnesty International, any other pesky human rights organizations!
Any suggestions? They are not concentrated enough to effectively bomb them out of existence.


I wonder how long my finger nails would grow if I didn't cut them until the pentagon "comes clean"?


The US and Saudi Arabia are going to be very sorry they armed al-Qaida and destroyed Syria when Turkey takes over Syria and Iraq.


Good Morning Canada from NZ
Mark Novitsky is 100% on the money when he links 9/11 to previous False Flag ops like Operation Northwoods. Once you understand that the "Unspeakable" (to quote Jim Douglass quoting Thomas Merton) are capable of killing thousands of their own citizens and military in order to provide a casus belli for the war of choice, that is the starting point. The only reason Operation Northwoods didn't happen was because JFK vetoed it. JFK became the implacable enemy of the CIA once he understood the depth of their treachery in the Bay of Pigs inquiry conducted by General Maxwell Taylor, which resulted in the sacking of Allen Dulles and JFK's oath to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces etc.
JFK's Peace Speech of June 10th 1963 was yet another nail in his coffin. So twisted were the CIA that they even planned to use the assassination of JFK as a casus belli for war with Cuba & Russia. That mindset persists to this day. Once you understand that JFK was an inside job, then evil and lies is beyond our imagination to comprehend. I could name dozens of other examples but time does not permit. Smoking guns of evidence about 9/11. Look no further than the 1998 paper "Catastrophic Terrorism" co-authored by the same tiny minded and appropriately named, Ash Carter and the evil lizard Philip Zelikow. This paper lusts after the destruction of WTC and the deaths of thousands so that it will become a catalyzing effect. Like Pearl Harbor, history will divide into a pre and post 9/11. We can restrict domesticcivil liberties AND wage the wars of our choice. If that isn't a smoking gun, what is?
And for delicious irony, who should be put in charge of manageing the 9/11 Commission - step forward the academic and scholar of myth-making, Philip Lizardy Zelikow. This is like putting Allen Dulles in charge of the Warren Commission to prove that Oswald was a lone nut, whose past association with the CIA had to be hidden.
Thank your lucky starts you are Canadian, but beware: the evil infects the whole of the West. Propaganda is the only meal on offer. As JFK said: "Too many enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought". Time to start thinking.


"Amnesty also noted that research by other leading human rights organizations and monitoring groups has estimated that the total number of civilians killed in Syria by coalition forces may top 1,000, a stark contrast to statement last year by a U.S. military official that "Our coalition airstrikes are the most precise and disciplined in the history of aerial warfare." I recall the Israelis said the same thing when the bombed Gaza. Are they sharing the same propagandist?


What's with this word "coalition"? If you can't call these invading armies what they are, you should at least put "coaltion" in quotes. Another suggestion would be to call them "Crusaders". It's not a "U.S.-led military coalition" but an imperial armed force transparently engaged in a war of aggression, the supreme crime according to the Nuernberg Judgement.


I am a historian. I only mentioned hard facts - no theories needed. So either you are being wilfully blind or living in a state of infantile fantasy. Canada once had a reputation for simple wholesome truth. Maybe that was just PR about the Mounties...From my perspective it is you who is upside down. Furthermore, I quit the UK because if the blindingly obvious conspiracy between Blair and Bush. The long awaited Chilcot Report proved our conspiracy theories. Recall also that the pejorative usage of the term "Conspiracy Theorist" was a deliberate CIA ploy to attack any who dared question the veracity of the Warren Commission. If you believe that government inquiries into their own malfeasance will ever reveal truth, you are a sad case indeed. Why do you think there have been ten such inquiries into FDR's foreknowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor? Because it has been a series of never ending cover ups.
Finally, the US House Selwct Committee on Assassinations concluded that JFK was probably killed by a conspiracy. Thus HSCA plus LBJ plus Mrs Kennedy, Gov. Connolly and wife all believed that there wrk multiple shooters I.e. Those witnesses closest to the scene of the crime. Why do I waste my time here???


you destroy any credibility you have built by suggesting a 911 conspiracy theory

Nonsense. What do you know about it? Why would that destroy his credibility?
I suggest further research- or at least, SOME research- coupled with an open mind.
When it comes to 9/11, nearly everyone claims to have done the research and to have an open mind, but it's a lie.
Don't lie to yourself any more. Start with ae911truth dot org.
If that is too difficult, read "The Emperor's New Clothes" and try to understand its simple message.


The best way for the US to come clean. Is for the US to get the fuck out of Syria.