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US Must Halt Renewed War Between Morocco and Polisario

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/23/us-must-halt-renewed-war-between-morocco-and-polisario

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While it is important to bring the leaders of Morocco and Polisario to a brokered peace agreement, it seems to me that at present, the United States of America has very little credibility at the present, to be the party to do so. You understand, having one party attempting to overturn legitimate election results to stay in power really doesn’t have much to offer by way of concern for democracy in other countries, nor does stealing the children of desperate people seeking safety and putting them in cages nor murdering black people for no good reason bode well for convincing other countries to work on improving their civil and human rights obligations.

You have a lot of work to do at home before the global community can fully trust Americans. It’s a hard pill, but there it is.


Another war in the Middle East? The USA needs to withdraw from the Middle East from Turkey to around the Mediterranean Sea. But talk to Obama and Biden they are buy-ing and another war is an easy sell.

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Perhaps you misunderstood the article. No sane person would think the U.S. is a neutral or even honest actor in this conflict. But if the U.S. stopped supporting the Moroccan monarchy’s illegal occupation,
or just pulled back noticeably, it would help these decades-long displaced and dispossessed people.

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@Duckpins this is not the Middle East. This is north west Africa.

Thanks. I’ll be precise the next time.

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As a non-American, I never think the US war making machinery, from its NGOs to its military is innocent. I have a visual in my head of the older Star Trek episodes with the Borg when I think of the US. It’s just that so many Americans do believe that the US has a divine mandate to eat the rest of the world, they think it is also their god-given right to fix whatever global problem exists even when not invited to do so.