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US Must Stop Using Syria as a Pawn

US Must Stop Using Syria as a Pawn

Jonathan Steele

Coupled with Turkey's invasion of northern Syria, Washington's recent announcement that the US will keep up to 2,000 troops in Syria indefinitely marks another turn for the worse in the country's seven-year conflict. It also highlights the incoherence and recklessness of US policy.

One stated reason for keeping US special forces in Syria is that the US wants to prevent a resurgence of the Islamic State (IS). Another is that the US needs to block Iran's penetration of Syria. Both arguments are flawed.

The tittle doesn’t match the conclusion! The problem here isn’t anything but American meddling!

Bring all American soldiers home and let Syria and turkey settle the issue.

as to the ISIS issue , get real every person who has followed this story for a few years knows hoe and why America invented ISIS In it’s many collors.


What about Israel and KSA? They pretty much saw ISIS and reconstituted Al Qaeda factions as their proxy force against Assad and Hezbollah. I suspect that the US was never as eager to root out ISIS as we let on. But of all the damnedest things, Russia, Kurds, Hezbollah and Iran, combined to kick some ISIS ass.

But now that Assad won, Israel and KSA have only the US to turn to as a bulwark against their favorite boogieman, the Shia crescent, which, without US occupation of eastern Syria, would stretch from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf. Expect the US forces to remain for some time.

And I hope for the sake of the Kurds that they hold off the Turks. Russia won’t step in and help negotiate Kurdish autonomy unless the Kurds fight Turkey to a stalemate. Why would they? If Turkey wins, they’ll have Russia to thank. If they don’t, Russia can sell itself as regional peace broker. That’s a win-win.


This all started when Russia pulled its troops out of Afrin. Basically Russia wants to waste Turkey’s Islamist jihadis so Assad (the Russian proxy) can roll his troops into Idlib city with fewer casualties. Idlib for Afrin essentially.

This is a game of time/ “tactics” and imo the loser will be Turkey. Do you think any NATO country is going to come to Turkey’s defence if Russia blows up the present Turkish convoy protecting Idlib city? Not a chance. Erdo has blown off Trump, pissed off the Europeans (left, centre and right of the political spectrum), so Erdo will have to protect his jihadi ground troops (and convoy) with his own NATO airforce… much of which will potentially be knocked out of the sky by Russia’s air defence missile system.

That’s my take… time will tell

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Yup. Resistance to Assad’s secret police and a torture and death in Assad’s prisons, should armed and unarmed resistance surrender, is futile!