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US National Guard Ordered to Clear and Secure US Capitol Building Under Siege by Pro-Trump Mob

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/06/us-national-guard-ordered-clear-and-secure-us-capitol-building-under-siege-pro-trump

Capital Police were taking selfies with the people who trashed the Capitol building??? These people are well known many from Q.

Great. There’s only 2 weeks to go before Inauguration Day and the house wants to start expelling members and impeaching Trump – again? Now, more so than in 2001 it’s time to freakin’ MOVE ON. Why must our representatives continue NOT TO ACT on important legislation and instead get distracted by political BS.

All I can say is I wish that those in favor of universal, single-payer healthcare and stopping perpetual wars for profit would storm the US Capitol and force our supposed “representatives” to pass legislation backed by an overwhelming majority of the American people. Compared to just what the US did in Kiev in 2014, the US Capitol attack was a nothing-burger. We’re all sick of Trump, give it a rest!