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US Navy Places $22 Billion Cyber Monday Order for Nuclear Submarines, But Who Is Asking How We Gonna Pay For It?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/03/us-navy-places-22-billion-cyber-monday-order-nuclear-submarines-who-asking-how-we

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Right – Where’s Pelosi’s “Pay as you go” BS here?

Time to start canceling orders of new war weapons –

We need to EXITMIC –


Looks like they want to overload the US debt so that nothing like
Green New Deal can go forward and certainly not Medicare4All.


Where is the Mayo Pete shill brigade to decry what we can’t afford?

Oh, that’s right, deficit spending is only questionable when it’s on social programs.


Just another US navy SNAFU at a time when the US navy has six of eleven aircraft carriers based out of Norfolk, VA that are currently non-functional and undergoing either repairs or maintenance. The US navy is so desperate that they contacted Cruise Line companies for help on how to expedite the repairs and maintenance.


On page sixty-three of the National Defense Strategy Commission report for 2018 it states that to build new weapons we will have to “look” at all programs including Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. The NDSC is a bi-partisan commission. As inferred in this piece it simply boils down to infinite corporate welfare.



Those submarines are needed to defend “Americans way of life” so that while they sleep under bridges or go to food banks for food or run go fund me campaigns to pay for surgery , they are safe knowing they will not have to speak Russian.

So get used to the opiod crisis and rising rates of suicide among the working poor. To rising crime rates and millions in prison. The 1 trillion dollar a year US Military is there to ensure that these values are defended.


That my friend, is the definition of a US military, fascist, dictatorship!


That’s the reason the USA will never do anything with regards to climate change, which will take a huge amount of investment to mitigate. The monsters will spend the last dime on building weapons.



Even if it means suicide for them!

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But Who Is Asking How We Gonna Pay For It?

When you live in a FASCIST, MILITARY, DICTATORSHIP… . that question is never asked by any Legislators in the U.S. government because they know it would be political, suicide!

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And to kill more whales/dolphins with their sonar equipment.

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Thank you for calling attention to this ridiculous waste of money and effort, we don’t even need much in the way of submarines for any conceivable war against terror that we are supposedly in now. And, Jack Reed is from my state, RI, and is intelligent enough and concerned enough about social injustices to know this is wrong, but he has trapped himself into defending Rhode Island’s short-term interest in building these things rather than looking at the state, national and planetary long term interest.

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The money is gone. The USA is $23 trillion in debt.

How does Bernie Madoff tell his nonprofit charity investors that all the money is gone? Well, he keeps spending to the very last day. And then the day after that? Well, the newspapers can tell everybody that the money is gone, and Madoff just sits around and feels depressed because he’s going to jail for the rest of his life.

How does Daddy tell the family that he has gambled all the money away and the bank is repossessing the family’s house tomorrow? He doesn’t. Let tomorrow hang.

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On the other hand if we are to become more isolationist at some point, subs are a good defense.
I think what we DON’T need is carrier groups floating all around the globe.

Reminds me of the British Empire. Spent all their money on their military, but nothing to help their citizens.
Poverty, malnutrition, every sort of health problem. By the time of WWI, very few young males could even the height and weight standards.

Thank goodness. I feel safer knowing I’ll be safe from those killer whales.

Guess us ignorant civilians shouldn’t ask how the Pentagon decided to “defend” us by building these submarines (in addition to the 70 we already have) rather than using the $ to fight climate change.

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The navy ships usually have a thirty year service life. In this case of missle submarines, we only actually need a few. 78 nukes will kill 250 million plus russians. And we have silo missles, bombers, and very soon - drones that can fly in low and fast too. The 1,600 nuclear devices that we have could easily be reduced to 500 - and still kill everybody north of the equator.

Suggest that we learn how to audit our spending because F35 and F22 fiasco;s look like trillion dollar gifts- but not to us.


It is just part of the 50 year old “Two Santa Claus” practice: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jude_Wanniski
The Republicans deficit spend on their projects (military, homeland security, etc) and then right before the economy starts to tank, and when the population votes Democratically, there is no money left for the Democratic Santa Claus to spend (social programs).


A Culture in demise .

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