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US Nuclear Posturing Has Adversaries Gearing Up, Not Standing Down

US Nuclear Posturing Has Adversaries Gearing Up, Not Standing Down

David Krieger

In Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis’ preface to the 2018 U.S. Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), he describes its purpose as “to ensure a safe, secure, and effective nuclear deterrent that protects the homeland, assures allies and, above all, deters adversaries.” These are worthy goals, but likely impossible to achieve so long as nuclear weapons exist.

One thing that scares the hell out of me is that the USAF Academy is a hotbed of dominionists who view the world through an apocalyptic christo-fascist lens. How many graduates of said institution go on to work in the nuclear weapons chain of command? Where do their allegiances truly lie? What are they willing to sacrifice for their beliefs? These questions will never be asked nor answered in the mainstream media. But it’s all OK as I am told that there is another awards show to be broadcast tonight, I think. Pay no attention to that missile behind the curtain.

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Wise owl, our government’s entire attitude towards nuclear weapons and their use scares the crap out of me. To begin with we have all this insane Sabre rattling and other “pokes” at the Russian Bear. Hillary Clinton it seemed was chomping at the bit wanting to implement a no fly zone over northern Syria as soon as she was elected which essentially would have been a declaration of war on Russia. Our entire government, at least the part charged in dealing with geopolitics is loaded to the gills with war mongering neoconservative hawks who are more than certain we can defeat Russia and China with a nuclear first strike and have no hesitation in announcing these thoughts with the entire world including Russia and China who in return become more skittish of being attacked at anytime. We have the Democratic Party accusing Russia of interfering in the 2016 election and describe doing so as an act of war and we have both Russia and China encircled with both ABM defense missile systems and offensive first strike nuclear missiles. I wonder how our fearless “leaders” would react if Russia or China were to place ABMs and nuclear missiles along our borders with Canada and Mexico and station nuclear armed submarines just a couple miles offshore from the U.S. mainland in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans? Frankly it seems to me that the adults in this current mess are Vladimir Putin and Jinping Xi for having enough sense to be doing everything in their power to prevent a war with the US. Unfortunately our insane and incredibly stupid ruling elites and political “leaders” take Putin’s and Xi’s push for peace and cooperation as a sign of weakness not an attempt to prevent the destruction of life on this planet. How can we possibly allow our current “leaders” to remain in power if we ever expect to continue to exist past the next childish temper tantrum or opportunity to seize someone else’s wealth or resources???

These other Countries really have no choice do they?

The USA is still the only Country on the Globe that has used these weapons against another nation and the USA has a history of invading Countries to topple their Governments and replace them with puppet regimes if those Countries do not have Nuclear Weapons.

The peoples of the World have long recognized that the USA is the worlds greatest threat to peace. I think it high time Citizens of the USA understood what the Government of the USA really stands for and it not Democracy, it not Human rights and it not Peace.