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US: Obama Should Flex Clemency Muscle


US: Obama Should Flex Clemency Muscle

Human Rights Watch (HRW)

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama should use his clemency power before he leaves office to address injustices in the United States criminal justice and immigration systems, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to President Obama. The president should address disproportionately long federal sentences for drug offenders.



This response is written directly to our President, Barack Obama,

In light of the above-mentioned and well-written article, concerning using your clemency power,
Mr. President, in regard to criminal justice and immigration systems, I ask that you use your heart as
well as your intelligence when taking pause for this decision.

I also ask that you swiftly act on DAPL, a situation which has clearly gotten crucial towards the lives
of those brave people who are not fighting for anything other than clean water and the right to
preserve land that was theirs long before we stepped one foot on this great country's soil.

Have you no conscience? Have you no empathy?

A great man, the late John Fitzgerald Kennedy said in his Inaugural Address, on January 20, 1961, and
I quote:

'"to those peoples in the huts and villages of half the globe struggling to break the bonds of mass misery,
we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves, for whatever period is required--..not because
we seek their votes, but because it is right. If a free society cannot help the poor, it cannot save the
few who are rich.."

Kennedy also stated, in the same speech, "To our sister republics south of the border, we offer a special
pledge--to convert our good words into good deeds--in a new alliance for progress--to assist free men and
free governments in casting off the chains of poverty.... this peaceful hope of revolution cannot become
the prey of hostile powers."

This great man, who spoke these words with conviction, and an unfortunate short tenure as the youngest
President to be elected, had the vision of hope for not only the rich but being the inclusive person that he
was, of helping the poor.

All that I am asking is that you rise to the heights of President John F. Kennedy's goals and dreams of the
future just as another man, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had done, in that same sequence of time, in the
turbulent '60's.

Today is the anniversary of the assassination of the soul of this country, the late John F. Kennedy. Why
not light that fire, President Obama, for the poor, the downtrodden, the people who are fighting simply for
clean water, and respect for their land, and also for the people who are looking for hope in this land
right now. And please do not reject Martin Luther King Jr.'s, "I have a dream" speech because in doing so
you will be rejecting the auspicious opportunities of people of color NO MATTER WHAT COLOR THAT

Peace be with you, accepting the fact that Peace comes with duty and as much respect for the electorate
as you expect from them.