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US Occupation of Afghanistan 'The Main Obstacle' to Peace: Taliban


US Occupation of Afghanistan 'The Main Obstacle' to Peace: Taliban

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan is "the main obstacle" to peace, the Taliban's leader said Friday.

In his comments to mark the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada also denounced the plan to increase number of U.S. troops in the country, and accused the U.S. and its allies of "destabilizing the whole region."


I wish they would bring back the USA Army so they can have there peace talks so us wives that have a husband over there can come home and have a good life with there wives and children


The ‘Main’ obstacle to Peace is the


Destroy the Duopoly and Peace will abound.


While I have never supported the US continuing presence in Afghanistan, I find this the most hysterically funny title for an article I have read on CD since “US Occupation of Vietnam ‘The Main Obstacle’ to Peace: Viet Cong” or “Nazi Occupation of Ukraine ‘The Main Obstacle’ to Peace: Stalin”

The “other side” is always going to call its opponent “the Main Obstacle to Peace”



And just as the Soviet occupation (10 years) that ended in February, 1989 (begun December, 1979) did in the past. But, the exceptionalist Americans’ better/best/amazing/tremendous/bigliest occupation has proven to be oh-so-very successful to date. But hey, Mad Dog has yet another reason to celebrate: the promise of perpetual war coveted by this hard-core jarhead (term used by my father, a U S Navy aviator - WWII, Korea, VietNam).

And WAR is ALWAYS an obstacle to PEACE…duh. Just as violence begets violence and accomplishes nothing constructive/positive/humane.


Thank You!


It’s pretty fucked up to run an article based on an opinion expressed by the leader of the Taliban.


The only reason for our staying in Afghanistan is to keep the military contractors happy and to provide the U.S. officers with another battle stripe toward the next promotion. Afghanistan has been called the graveyard of empires. They kicked out occupying Brits twice, and Russians once. The only thing that we need to decide is when to leave.


" The main obstacle to Peace is the other side won’t surrender and let us do what we want. " said every side ever. Stupid article.


Sadly true; there is NO chance for World Peace while the fascist imperialist amerikan empire continues its War on the World!


The main obstacle to peace is that the US is occupying a foreign country and they will continue to attack US troops as long as US troops are there to be attacked. If Afghanistan invaded our country we would continue to attack them until they withdrew. It’s not rocket science. They must have been wondering why we couldn’t figure that out for ourselves and finally gave up waiting and gave us a very strong clue. I guess we are like the company who won’t leave and can’t figure out why the hosts are getting testy.


The US pretty much creates it’s own enemies, since we armed the Mujahideen with surface to air missiles to take out the Russian jets…pretty much wiped out the Russians economy (jets…very expensive) and then became the Taliban. Ironic, eh? This is the way we do it, we create an enemy to make money for a few folks making weapons so we can fight what we’ve created. Wash, spin, rinse and repeat…phk are we rich!!! like fertilizer.


Equally fucked up to run an article based on an opinion expressed by the leader of a government that commits military aggression with impunity, and tortures as it pleases.


What? People do not want foreign countries occupying their countries? Amazing!


Why? The Taliban never did anything to you. It IS their country, not ours!


Great photograph accompanying this article! That’s us…STUCK in the sand!


If my memory of history is relatively intact, not even Alexander the Great conquered that country.


Your memory is correct.



The 1% doesn’t give a shit about Afghanistan or the United States.