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US Offering Its 'Assistance' to Push GMOs on Africa: Report


US Offering Its 'Assistance' to Push GMOs on Africa: Report

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S. government and multinational corporations have capitalized on African nations' voids in regulatory frameworks to push genetically modified (GM) crops, standing to gain lucrative corporate profits while decimating food sovereignty, a new report states.


the U.S.A. stance is that GM crops offer important technological advances in agriculture that can significantly increase crop production and that they pose no risks.

How about the risk that you wont be able to replant your own seen and will have to get into debt to plant USA corporate seed. Hell, that is not a risk, thats a certainty.

Offering their assistance …

They have done a particularly good job of assisting Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine so far. They seem to have no idea that the assisted party, rather than themselves, should be the ones to benefit from the assistance.


Corporations are not in the food growing business, they’re in the money making business. First they eliminate the competition which in this case are millions of small farmers and then they create a dependency on the seeds and chemicals that they produce. The UN and various western governments will provide the grants and loans to keep the dependency going while African countries remain forever in debt with their hats in their hands.

And forget about trying to reason with the US government and the corporations they represent because "To a hammer everything looks like a nail.’


The vaunted self-image of the U S dehumanizes the people of the “developing” (formerly referred to at Third World) nations by objectifying them as ignorant, uneducated, tribal, savage, etc. that need the altruism (masked capitalistic fervor) of the US to attain ‘progress.’ Meanwhile, the culture, morays, and beliefs of the targeted groups are diminished and/or ignored. They are simply proving grounds/experimental stations for the likes of Monsanto and other US agribusiness (and fertilizer manufacturers, agricultural machinery businesses, etc.) concerns seeking only profit at the expense of the people themselves. Look what they did (and continue to do to) Mexico. Can Monsanto be stopped…ask the EU how they managed to take the air out of the giant’s sails?!