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US Officially Enters War with Yemen Amid Charges of Saudi War Crimes


US Officially Enters War with Yemen Amid Charges of Saudi War Crimes

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. officially entered war with Yemen late Wednesday, launching strikes on Houthis for the first time, purportedly in retaliation for attempted missile attacks on American warships earlier this week.


Obama is now openly bombing Yemen – a clear war crime. The congress can’t stop him. The law can’t stop him. He’s a war criminal on steroids – 10x worse than Bush. We do not need another Democrat in the WH. Ever!


If I'm not mistaken that radar installation that we blew up with a Tomahawk Missile was built by the United States.
Obama has now been reduced to going hat in hand to the Russian's to end the war that Hillary and the CIA started in Syria.
He is also blowing up installation all over the ME that our tax dollars were spent to build.
The Obama-Hillary foreign policy has been an atrocity from beginning to end.


Regime change is badly needed in Washington. And I'm not talking about just President O'Bomber.


TPTB are now totally OOC. The handwriting on the wall is a blazing inferno and what it's spelling out is absolutely clear to all with eyes to see.
Kurtz got it exactly right, "The horror! The horror!."


All according to plan.
Keep everyone fighting each other so that everyone stays weak.
Sow maximum death and destruction and destroy infrastructure.
That way no one will ever have the strength to challenge us (or the Saudis or Israel).
And we can ensure our continued control of the region's resources.
Obama richly deserved that Nobel Peace Prize for these humanitarian actions (NOT!)


The Neocon/liberal ideology has to end. Right now they are grasping by forcing HRC into the White House to continue their lust for hegemony. They are sick in the mind, they have to go. Perhaps Russia and China can give them some reality orientation.


President Obama's drone killings, signature strikes, Special Operations massacres, and wars can be expected to increase when Hillary Clinton becomes president.

More evidence of the need to build a strong anti-war/pro-peace movement.


Apparently O'Bomber finally got the message from Russia. To back off in Syria. The question is will Hillary.


The law cannot stop Obama's war crimes; the congress cannot stop Obama's war crimes; the American people cannot stop Obama's war crimes. What more proof does one need that Amerika is a military dictatorship posing as a democracy?

Further proof? How about me and millions more like me, all over the world, that protested the attack of what was the shocking and awful perdition of Iraq and to no avail.

Paul Craig Roberts:
" Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on it's actions. Washington is " exceptional indispensable". No one else counts. No law, no Constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington's will.

If the above quote by Paul does not convince you that Amerika has become the Fourth Reich...posing as a democratic nation...what will?


The US has been bombing Yemen since at least 2002 (http://securitydata.newamerica.net/drones/yemen-analysis.html).

The site above charts details of dates, kills, and a figure for how many killed were "civilians" as opposed to "militants," by whatever sources or metric it judges such things.

All of the attacks listed were apparently all cruise missiles or drone strikes. Only one of 172 occurred before Obama took office--at least as per this source. It would be rather interesting were no Houthis every targeted in any of these strikes, but the figures for "militants" killed suggest that it is at least claimed that this is not the case.

The Yemeni government at first "took responsibility." Then it came out that the strikes had been done by the US, and then the Saudis partly took over. The strikes continue to the present, and cannot begin in 2016.

Yemen is by no means the only country that has been hit. Somalia has been similarly targeted. It might easily get lost because of the more dramatic and extensive US attacks in so many other places, but it is worth noting that Yemen and Somalia both flank the Gulf of Aden and Yemen also border on the Red Sea, both at the strait between.

Of course, Israel is working on the northern end of the Red Sea, at Sinai and Palestine, and the same allies have been hammering at Syria.

Now, for the US to have "officially entered war with Yemen," that would take a declaration of Congress. Can that possibly have happened without our hearing anything? The last time Congress officially declared war, to my knowledge, was in 1941.

Tick tock.

No, the US executive has decided that this is an opportune moment to go more public with the attacks, to manage their public relations a bit differently. The catalyst might as easily be the recent PR coup in delivering some of Donald Trump's appraisal of sex and status as anything that any Yemenis did or did not do.

Now, Nadia Prupis is a CD staff writer. Her language here does not suggest an attempt to cover for US aggression nor for the obvious Obama and Clinton involvement. Yet the article falls very far short of describing matters, and is easy to contradict based on information that I can get here at my armchair--since I did happen to recall that the Yemeni government had been discussed as "taking credit for" US bombing of its own citizens, a fact that had struck me as startlingly redundant corruption when it had first come out.

Apparently, not even well meaning and professional journalists can keep track of where the United States is fighting at a given time--and I say that despite observing that Prupis makes some excellent and thoughtful points here regarding motives.

I am thinking that US information management has upped the ante on Orwell to accomplish this. Orwell imagined a tight witholding of information and a monolithic broadcast--communicative forms that were in keeping with the burgeoning development of television and the then-short history of one-to-many broadcast radio. In contemporary Western culture, must information can be found, but it is generally ignored amidst the buzzing mass of propaganda that is almost surely more dangerous for the gestalt it delivers than for its usually forgettable and quickly contradicted factoids.

A larger compass has broken, and the plumb line has fouled. How long? This is a translation of sorts from "The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant," some four thousand or so years ago,

O helm of Heaven, O beam of Earth,
O line plumb,

Do not waver:

Justice flees
When nobles steal and rape.


Well, you can never have too many wars ... right?


It's not a war crime because they have oil we want. Or something like that.


But like the Nazis, the neocon / neoliberals will fight to the bitter end and at all costs. Prepare for nuclear war because they would rather go down in a catastrophe of their own making rather than put a check their megalomaniacal ambitions for total domination. This is like a comic book only it's for real. The nukes are real.


In the wake of those pointed questions at the news conference and the spokesman presumably getting chewed out for not properly engaging his bullshit generator, this would be a good time to got to the WH website and send a message demanding that the US get out of Yemen and for the US to tell the vile medieval head-chopping Saudis to go to hell.

It's a forlorn hope, but someone could start a organized campaign for a couple million to do this maybe, just maybe we can get some results.


Yep. Damn but it makes one proud to be an American! To quote J.H. "There must be some kind of way out of here." Wish I knew what it was.


What? He has a Nobel peace prize .


How stupid would you have to be to start a war against the U.S? Makes you question the news release, not that our government would ever lie.


At tonight's peace event in Northern Vermont I'll see to it that the participants hear about this--they are all going to vote HRC.


Why would anybody attending a peace rally even think about voting for Hillary.
Isn't that an oxymoron?