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'US Officially in Trade War With Canada' as Trump Doubles Down on Reckless Tariffs


'US Officially in Trade War With Canada' as Trump Doubles Down on Reckless Tariffs

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After U.S.


Allies to enemies. A magic trick this orange-headed, no-brained motherfucker has down pat. 2020 can’t get here soon enough. Maybe we will have something left of dignity across the world, maybe not.


Perhaps the world can accomplish what We the People have, so far, failed to do.
*The world appeased Hitler until it took a world war to get rid of him. Perhaps the world can get rid of Twitler by responding to his ignorance with a trade war in earnest.
*It will be awfully hard on us, but if it will correct a mistake that has nearly destroyed us and the world, perhaps it will be worth it.


Alright for the trumpster you can’t trust those Canadians they just elected still dead ford brother to office;-)


I hope you are right but this administration has shown that backing down or taking the high road is never an option. I’d think we are sooner going to see bombs launched at Canada than these tariffs go away anytime soon.


If you are looking at what the Democratic Party is doing, like proposing a bill that will only allow their insiders to run as a Dem, you will easily find out we have no dignity left.


MCH, don’t you see that as a PLUS? I certainly do. WE NEED MORE PARTIES! If what the con artists at the DNC are proposing opens that door then we should be dancing on tables!

We have two parties that are damned near a mirror reflection of each other with a purpose of pleasing donors instead of working for “We the People”.

Haven’t you noticed the interest in the Greens and Socialist parties lately? I and many like me have been hoping for an opening to add competition to the greed corporatist parties but I, personally, have never seen how it could be done; THIS may be the answer.

Of course, in this screwed up political climate, who can figure anything out. We are down Alice’s rabbit hole and just have to hang on for the ride and do what WE, as citizens, CAN DO to keep the flush from completing and sending us into the sewer. From there, there ain’t no way out.


Well normally I would see it as a plus but the system we have now is set up to do its best to slaughter any hope of a third party. And then blame the voters for daring to vote outside of the duopoly. This system is wholly endorsed by the media btw. The left desperately needs a leader, and sadly the closest we have to one, Bernie, is willingly or not trying to sheepdog progressive into the Democratic party instead of running on a third party platform and actually making a difference.


If this is how Trump treats people with whom his relationship is a “ten”, I can only imagine how he treats those who he regards as a “five”.

Trump’s concept of diplomacy is to tweet insults about foreign heads of state – both adversaries as well as allies with whom he happens to disagree.
Furthermore, tossing hand grenades in our international trade agreements and peace accords is his idea of "winning”.


It’s worse than stupid.


“U.S. president repeatedly demonstrated his ignorance of trade policy and made some of the most nonsensical claims of his presidency.” Eventually the United States and Donald Trump are simply not going to be invited to participate in international events. His stupidity indicates that he doesn’t understand what is going on. He is rude, egocentric, and disruptive. He is incapable of acting in an orderly civilized manner.


I still think we should send the Tangerine Troglodyte golfing then the rest of the world can invite Jerry Brown to meetings. California is the 5th largest economy in the world and deserve a place at the table anyway. Can you imagine an EU-Russia-China-Korea-Japan trade group that excludes the USA? India, Iran and Southeast Asia would bend over backwards to try and join. How about AFTA that includes every country in the Americas except the USA? Just announcing preliminary meetings might be enough for the Republican Party to final wake up and throw Trump under the bus.


Well, I agree with you BUT…since Bernie is an official (I), won’t that force him to either run as an (I) or as a Green? That is what I see happening but I’m certainly no psychic.

One more thing: Bernie is not perfect but he, in my opinion, is the best hope for Progressives to move forward. Have you not noticed the upswing of Democratic Socialist" interest since he ran? There was a statistic about that but it was a while back and I can’t offer you a link. I’ll try looking and, if I find it, I’ll share it with you.

This isn’t it but I’ll keep looking: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-democratic-socialists-20170308-story.html

Another: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/13/socialist-surge-dsa-membership-soars-snowflakes-go/

I can’t seem to find the one that gives numbers…and is much more recent.


NY Times never lets a story go by without connecting it to Russiagate.


Maybe. It certainly puts Bernie into a precarious position where he must either cement his allegiance as a Democrat or risk denying himself from even participating in debates, aka the same fate Jill Stein and third parties suffer from currently.

Yes I do realize Bernie is not perfect but it is frustrating to see him try to toe the line with a party that wants nothing to do with him. I don’t know whether it is some sort of awareness of some long game or just naivety. In either case Bernie should realize he doesn’t have many years left to go and try to make the most of them.


I agree completely except I would rule out naivety. Maybe it is because he has caucused with the damnocrats for so damned long (The other option was the Rethugs!) that he’s become sort “selectively blind” to their evil. I have to say it IS a mystery and no one can seem to give an answer and there are a lot of us whom I think he owes an explanation because of how far we took him. Hell…maybe I’m reaching.


Check out this video from a comment posted on James Risen’s article at the Intercept (a part of which was posted on CD today) :slight_smile:


I perfectly agree. It is the least he can do for all those who supported him. Of course there are those who theorize that he is so silent because of blackmail or something along those lines. In either case he is risking losing his credibility among many who supported him by continuing to tow the line with the Dems.


Trump also suggested eliminating tariffs altogether. How does that compute?


It will never “compute”.

Throughout his adult life (and probably prior to that) Trump has contradicted nearly everything he has ever said.

GOP fans and especially Trump fans long ago acknowledged that Trump and the Party are serial liars but they love the way Trump and the GOP never suffer any consequences for lying.