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US Officials Leak Information About the ISIS Raid That’s More Sensitive Than Anything Snowden Ever Leaked



Contrary to his 2008 campaign promise to be the most transparent president, Obama has actually been the least transparent president.

Perhaps his definition of transparency is his administration's serial selective information leaks or putting selective information on his website.


Because I no longer have the stomach to endure the sewage pumped on the Sunday press charades I'll have to assume that none of the literati speculated about this well-publicized action coming on the heals of Seymour Hersh's expose. The Bin Laden thing was a carefully timed re-election assassination, and this recent action is an attempt to appeal to that same sense of "triumph" to dismiss the Hersh story.


Crock Obama- Liar and Traitor!


Strike up the band and drown out the boo's. Obama's mentors are David Copperfield and Bill Clinton, misdirection and deception expertly crafted to make you disbelieve your lying eyes.


This is as believable as the fairly tale Bin Laden raid.


The United States government has no idea why it continues to lose ground in Iraq. Why should our government be able to understand what is and isn't an intelligence leak?