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US Outrage Grows at Risk of Honduran Election Theft, 50 Groups Join Call


US Outrage Grows at Risk of Honduran Election Theft, 50 Groups Join Call

- Common Dreams staff

Outraged at the possibility of the theft of Honduras’ election by the discredited current administration, 50 US rights groups have joined call to urge the US to press Honduras for electoral transparency.


Given that the current US Administration, Congress, and Senate are one of the least representative in history, and given that the US Administration, Congress, and Senate had a hand in the 2009 coup which brought the current Honduran regime into power, that misleading headline should really be Outrage Grows at Risk of Honduran Election Theft, 50 US Groups Join Call.


Much better because it’s true.


Just wait till the 2018 election here in the United States comes.

This same shit will happen.


While these amazing activist groups express legitimate outrage at the horrors that the U.S. govt (on behalf of its oligarchal and plutocratic bosses), a critical mass (i.e. the vast majority) of the U.S. populace does not give a shit. Unless and until these groups and others organize more effectively among the U.S. working classes and poor, their outrage will be a fart in the wind.

It’s neither romantic nor easy organizing a fascistic population to recognize its own interests and solidarity with the peoples of the Earth, but that’s what we have to do.


One more country plunged into turmoil because of Clinton.


As the US mainstream media tells the story:

Unproven Russian interference in the US presidential election is a terrible thing,

but US interference in the Honduran presidential election (and in practically every other presidential election in the world) is business as usual and just fine.

And it’s always undemocratic right-wing dictators that the US favors. Capitalist swine that will save the world from the scourge of socialism.


The irony of this outrage is so blatant.


The irony is blatant! What we should be screaming for is UN inspectors for US elections. Not to minimize the Honduran situation - just saying…


Duh. As if there were any possibility of Hernandez beating a shoe in a fair election in the first place.

Appealing to the US for pressure is pointless. It was the US that coup’d Honduras to begin with.

The progressive governments in LA and SA need to find a way to crush the Honduran junta without doing additional harm to the peasants that have paid dearly for Obama and Clinton’s treachery.





Tom, very true. We must overcome the influence of the schools, some churches, the media, and government propaganda. And there must be recognition that this is not an isolated problem but derives from the US-dominated Capitalistic system and therefore requires the unity and solidarity of all resisting groups - anti-war, antifa, climate, Indigenous, anti-racist, gender, environmental, religious - all groups. United, we can attack the source of the problems, not simply its individual manifestations.


The corruption with the full backing and support of an equally corrupt US government, in fact without the US the corruption would fail. USA = Psychopathy Inc.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. “We” become so enraged and incensed when stuff like this happens elsewhere but seem to do nothing when it happens in our own backyard.


Well, I guess it’s ok to get “outraged” at election theft as long as it’s in another country. It feels safer to rage from afar rather than look at the WWE style theatre of american politics and elections.