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US Pays Out 'Peanuts' for Philippine Eco-Crime


US Pays Out 'Peanuts' for Philippine Eco-Crime

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The United States was required to pay just a paltry amount for an environmental crime and violation of the Philippines' sovereignty.

That's what critics are saying of the U.S. payout to the Philippines as compensation for damages a U.S. Navy minesweeper caused to a World Heritage-listed coral reef two years ago.

As Common Dreams previously reported:


Has the U S Navy ever really compensated any state where it had/has bases or nation for the environmental destruction it leaves in its wake? The Philippines is no exception. If the Navy (or any branch of the military) is/are going to do something, why can it/they not do it with integrity, compassion, and an enduring sense of responsibility?


Call it good ole american white boy exceptionalism. Why should the Us feel obligated? I have little doubt they all believe that the Philipines owes them for all “the’ve done” like freeing them from the Japanese, blah blah blah.


I don’t know why they did not simply remove the toxics from the ship and left it there as an artificial reef, a home for marine life and seabirds.


Oh, please! The navy commits many war crimes, but accidently running a ship aground is negligent, but isn’t an eco-crime. And how did damaging a couple acres of coral cause 2300 square miles of damage? I didn’t hear of any oil spill.


The USS Arizona is still leaking oil into Pearl Harbor. Modern ships do that when they get busted up. So, was this mine sweeper diesel powered in addition to having all its moving bits lubed with oil? Are you really going to believe that all of its petroleum fluids were contained while the ship got butchered for removal? Oh please indeed… I’ll assume they did a sloppy ass job of it all. What more can we expect?


can there be any doubt that the U.S. and it’s military is above the law?