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Us Poised to Flout Int’l Law as Part of Potential Morocco-Israel Normalization Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/06/us-poised-flout-intl-law-part-potential-morocco-israel-normalization-deal

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Quote, “With such a decision, the United States, and the world at large, would face serious repercussions—the erosion of international norms regarding the right to self-determination.” Unquote. Clearly, the author of this article must have very recently landed on earth from a distant planet. The U.S. does not do adhering to International Laws, such things do not apply to the U.S. they are free to do as they wish, period.
Secondly, name one country that today is free for self determination. Just one. How come Venezuela is not given that luxury, or the folks in the Crimea ? Talk about hypocrisy, these articles reek of it.

There is already de facto normalisation between Israel and Morocco.

Around 50,000 Israelis of Moroccan decent visit the country annually and the Moroccan government has been tailoring its tourist industry to welcome them, renovating its many synagogues.

Morocco will also without too much red tape issue Moroccan passports to Israelis of Moroccan decent of which there are an estimated half-a million which provides those Israelis with ease of travel in the Arab world.

It seems to me that the United Nations is NOT working to organize a referendum
in Western Sahara – though it has a mandate and responsibility to do so.
But the main reason for UN inaction is of course the greedy monarchy of Morocco,
which has no right to the land but wants its resources.

No surprise that Israel and the U.S. support the autocratic dynasty.

In fact, Morocco doesn’t need any special agreement with Israel. Morocco is already on its land & the Western Sahara community is more than happy and proud to belong to the Moroccan nation. The rest is about a sterile and unproductive propaganda by the algerian military dictature. It has been running since 1975. This has to stop! The 16000 Saharawi besieged in polisario guerilla gulags (South Algeria) should be able to return to homelands after being registered by UNHCR. They come from Mauritania, Mali, Tchad, Niger…Few of them come from Morocco i.e. the WS territory. Well, the algerian masquerade on WS issue should stop now once & for all. Thanks

The Referendum is definitely obsolete now since the UN started a new political process in 2007 based on compromise. The algerian military dictature is advocating a referendum that has been discarded by the UN following the Autonomy Plan submitted by the Kingdom of Morocco to the UN in 2007. Today, promoting a referendum is getting in the wrong side of the ongoing political process. It would also mean blocking the ongoing process. The UN talks about self-determination according to the UN charter & principles. The Autonomy Plan is definitely in accordance with the UN point of view.

“Last Colony in Africa” is a pure algerian rhetoric. It’s more about the Last Calumny in Africa than anything else. The absurd WS issue is a creation by the USSR block and the algerian military dictature in a cold war context. What had to be the continuation of the decolonization process of the Kingdom of Morocco in 1975 became a nightmare for the Western Sahara community (WS families kidnapped by algerian army to polisario gulags) as well as the Moroccan nation.

I think you are endorsing a bias, partisan analysis of the situation between Morocco and the independence movement for Western Sahara. At the moment the UN recognizes no claim over the region and the planting of Moroccan citizens is very much the same as the Israeli settlements in the West Bank or the relocation of ethnic Han Chinese to Tibet and Xinjiang regions.


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thanks for calling attention to the little noticed Western Sahara situation. I don’t know the best solution but the people of the region need to have a voice in what happens and its better to have negotiations and a spirit of trying to get along rather than fighting and an armed struggle

“itchyvet1” might be happier on Breitbart or some other fascist site.

International la ABSOLUTELY APPLIES TO THE UNITED STATES. The US flaunts international law because of its military power, which has turned our country into nothing but a mercenary for the Rothschild-Bilderberg cartel, of which the entity called “Israel” is a part.

How do Americans like being servants of the Zio-Nazi World Order?
None of the crimes being committed by the Zionist puppets in Washington benefit the American people. On the contrary, YOU are paying for the power/money lust of the cultural disease that has stolen OUR government and Palestine.

It’s interesting to see a full-blown defense of the ruthless Moroccan monarchy
on this site – from a PR firm?

Your analogy of Israel’s occupation of Palestine also came to my mind:
a ‘peace process’ that the media still pretends isn’t dead after decades of it
covering up Israel’s obvious land grab. Morocco doesn’t need much of a fig leaf:
it faces little international pressure and suppresses news as well as opposition.

For the United Nations, the Western Sahara is a Non-Self-Governing Territory i.e. Non-Autonomous Territory among 17 NATs. Comparing Palestine to WS territory case is hurting the palestinian cause. The algerian propaganda machine has been hurting the palestinian cause since a long time. Palestine isn’t and has never been a Non-Autonomous Territory. Palestine isn’t even a territory. The algerian propaganda mlachine should stop this nonsense comparison. You should respect the struggle of the palestinian people.

The Western Sahara community is shocked that the algerian military dictatorship is defended in this website. How can you defend an illegitimate regime since 22 feb 2019? How can you defend a military dictature that has been kidnapping/sequestering 16K people in polisario gulags since 1976? How can you defend a military regime that has been opposing the registration of these besieged people by UNHCR since 1976? These people should have an UNHCR id. Their presence on the algerian soil is definitely scandalous as lawlessness. We are really shocked & doubtful.

Your hatred of Algeria is very clear, thanks, but it’s a side show to this topic,
which is Morocco’s near half-century of oppressing the people of Western Sahara
following its illegal seizure of the territory to its south.

And so far, you’re the only defender here of the Moroccan tyranny.
“We are really shocked and doubtful” – who is “we”?

We, the Western Sahara community. We will never forgive algerian military dictature for having kidnapped our families during 1975-91 war to populate polisario gulags. We will never forgive algerian army for having separated families, for having obliged Moroccan Saharawi to ride algerian military trucks to polisario gulags during attacks on the ground. We will never forgive the algerian military dictature for having sequestered our relatives such a long time to justify the WS issue before the United Nations. We will never forgive the algerian military dictature for having liying to the international community to maintain the 16K people under siege in the gulags…Your article is just a way to help algerian military dictature to perpetuate sequestration & oppression in the polisario gulags. We are really sad about it! Have a nice WE because the 16K people besieged in polisario gulags won’t have it!