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US Policy Perpetuating Stalemate in Syria


US Policy Perpetuating Stalemate in Syria

Edward Hunt

With no end in sight for the war in Syria, the Obama administration continues to approach the conflict in a way that is prolonging the fighting. As it pursues its stated goal of removing the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad from power, the Obama administration is implementing a policy that keeps the Syrian regime and the many different opposition forces in the country locked in a deadly stalemate.


A spokesperson for the US GOvernmnet has claimed that the ongoing strife in Iraq means that the Country may never be put back together again and may need to be broken up into smaller pieces to ensure peace. This is the EXACT strategy that was prorposed in the Yinon strategy in order to ensure Israel remained the dominant power in the region and one that was adopted into "The Clean break" strategy and then the PNAC documents.

That strategy specifically stated that they would stoke ethnic conflicts to ensure ongoing violence as as to break those larger states up into so many smaller ones which whould be unable to deal with and larger powers.

This is the EXACT thing that they want in Syria. They want to keep the conflict going to as to cement hatreds and then will propose breaking the State up.

It also makes the arms merchants a whole pile of money.


Let's not get distracted from the bottom line driving this all.
Just follow the money.
A news item from almost exactly three years ago lays it out:
"With the regime focusing unrelentingly on quelling rebels and the will of the people, Israel and Cyprus have been taking advantage of huge natural gas finds off their coasts, leaving the two countries without any significant competition.
...Syria's proven reserve of 2.5 billion barrels of oil is the largest in the region except for Iraq's, according to the Oil and Gas Journal. It also has a large proven reserve of natural gas of 8.5 trillion cubic feet.
This makes Syria the largest conventional hydrocarbon resource base in the Levant Basin, a stretch of sea extending from the coasts of Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Cyprus.

Levant Basin has a mean undiscovered oil resource of 1.7 billion barrels of oil and undiscovered natural gas resource of 122 trillion cubic feet. Both Cyprus and Israel -- with help from Texas-based Noble Energy Inc. (NYSE:NBL) -- are looking to become regional powerhouses for the exportation of natural gas."


Frightening and chilling to hear so many government officials talk of war so casually, as if it was little more than a board game played to advance their careers and the corporate/military interests in the region. They should be sentenced to serve time cleaning up the regions they have helped to destroy. In the process, they might actually find something called a soul in all that rubble and death.


The author of this article doesn't seem to have a clue about what the objective of the US policy is. Feeding paranoia he claims it is to prolong the fighting. Clearly that is countierintuitive. The objective of Obama's policy is to bring all parties to the negotiating table to find a diplomatic solution. The ultimate goal would be to get some sort of inclusive government in Syria which means a government that would include both Shiites and Sunnis. The Assad government has oppressed Sunnis. That is why all this fighting going on. And since it is a proxy war between Iran which on the side of the Shiites (Assad) and Saudi Arabia which is on the side of the Sunnis any successful negotiations it would seem have to include those two countries.


I tend to agree. This is US policy to promote regime change and social unrest.


The Syrian ceasefire sure is destroying Hillary's week. Along with the following:
1) "Snowden" will be released to theaters nationwide and a day of protest will convene.
2) The United Kingdom released a highly critical government report on the role the UK and France played in the Libyan coup that killed Qaddafi. The coup that the CIA and Hillary set into motion.
Last but not least,
3) Kerry got a ceasefire in Syria that Hillary and her neo-cons do not support. It will bring an end to ISIS and ruin a perfectly good war that is making Hillary's friends lots of money.

No wonder Hillary collapsed in a heap on Sunday.


Hello jneastra,

Truly - they're not even trying to obfuscate it any longer. People have called for Snowden to be tried as a traitor when many people in their own government are arming and giving resources to actual "terrist" organizations, illegally spying on the American people and then lying about it before Congress, and worse.

This reminds me of the sarcastic double-speak page I read a few years back "If the government does X, it is called Y".

Here are a few examples:
X = spying on citizens without cause; Y = homeland security operations
X = propagandizing the general public; Y = holding official press conferences
X = murderous, blundering, destructive global intervention; Y = U.S. foreign policy


How do you know what the US policy is? Are you hanging out with the generals, Carter, and Obama? Actions speak louder than words, and so far the US policy actions has been bombs, bombs, and more bombs!


The latest out of the Washington Post is a the claim that there was nothing wrong with Hilary's health while implying Putin may have poisoned her.

They previously had states that any who thought there an issue with her health was a wacky conspiracy theorist.

I am not sure if they understand how stupid this makes them look.

Some call it journalism.


Probably the most accurate description of what really is taken place in Syria.


We did not give the President this ability to do war by direct means or proxy ever. If he does not have his formal, Constitutional call to Service and is doing this he is a traitor to the Constitution and must be impeached.


A cousin, who worked with the JCS in DOD was a three star Commandant when he retired. When I asked why Iraq? Why were we and he, doing the ground game offensive? (See the book , "Not a Good Day to Die") He simply said, "Follow the money." The cost of the neocons, fundamentalist christians and zionists agendas, PNAC or the new neoliberal agenda is now for our two failed states of AfghanistanandIraq now total 4.79 trillion dollars. We could have endowed every child in the USA with pre K to baccalaureate education, gone to clean green and solved problems ....

We the People, allow our leadership to do bloody jobs and bloody work, kin killing kin, for money. Sad that.

Someday the rest of the world will not care if we suffer and die as a society. They may even consider the punishment of the gods fitting somehow.

Neither of the bad people ever. Go with a good.
Go Jill Stein.