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US Political Intervention in Haiti Has Caused Instability and Aid Efforts Have Largely Failed


US Political Intervention in Haiti Has Caused Instability and Aid Efforts Have Largely Failed

Mark Weisbrot

When a devastating earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010, killing more than 200,000 people, former President Bill Clinton said that the reconstruction would provide an opportunity to “build back better.” Some $9.6 billion was pledged by the international community, including the U.S. government. But nearly six years later, although about $7.6 billion has been disbursed, there is not much to show for it.


The sins done unto Haiti continue unabated.

Thank you, Mr. Weisbrot for caring about this issue and relaying the following evidence of crimes against the Haitian people. Apparently, there is nothing that will stop the Shock Doctrinaires in their fiscally insatiable tracks:

"Hundreds of thousands of Haitians displaced by the earthquake remain without adequate shelter. USAID, the U.S. State Department’s development agency, pledged to build 15,000 homes but has so far only delivered 900. Most U.S. taxpayers’ money, it seems, didn’t get outside of the Beltway. Of USAID contracts, for example, more than 50 percent of payments went to contractors in the Washington, D.C. area, while only 1 percent went directly to Haitian companies or organizations."


A new exposé in The Nation magazine reveals that trailers the Clinton Foundation donated to post-earthquake Haiti to use as temporary classrooms—and to double as hurricane shelters—are plagued by mold, shoddy construction. In at least one case, an air quality test revealed worrying levels of formaldehyde. The trailers were built by the same company that is being sued in the United States for providing formaldehyde-laced trailers to displaced residents after Hurricane Katrina.

It appears the author of this article has forgotten about the toxic camper trailers provided to Katrina victims and Haitian disaster victims with the blessings of the Clinton Foundation. The above can be found in The Nation and on democracynow.org website archives. Our poison bought once by good intentioned donors to the Katrina victims and US taxpayers; and paid for AGAIN by well intentioned donors to the Haiti earthquake victims and US taxpayers. Be careful of who you vote for in '16.


The harm the US and Western countries have done to Haiti is both calculated and planned for. It is not an unfortunate consequence. Aristide was ousted because he planned to Nationalize much of Haitis's natural resources (much as like happened in Cuba under Castro) and remove them from the control of the foreign Corporations which included ones based in Canada, Brazil and the USA.

This was not acceptable to the "Owner class". What they wanted was a place to maximize returns on their investment so as to ensure a high flow of capital to the stockholders. In order to do this they needed a people that were destitute and would work for a pittance.

They follow the same procedures the world over and with their trade deals now wish to suppress wages in their home countries under the guise of "being competitive". Hey if you will not work in a textile factory in South Carolina for minimum wage, we can send the work offshore to Haiti.


Commondreams did publish a major story on this about a year or so ago.


"Both France and England had colluded and also done the same to the early US republic".

Yes; but it depends on which side of the Atrlantic one lives on. Britain had saved their north American colonists' collective arse by kicking the French out of north America, more-or-less in 1753, and the French had saved the collective arse of the treasonous north American British colonial rebels by 1783. So, I reckon that the USA still owes us both a dime or two for our trouble.

Now why on earth did the Russkies help the USA? Maybe the USA owes the Russkies a dime or two for that as well.


Damned Prussians- screwed us in 1776-1783 and nearly screwed us in 1914 and 1940. But we beat Germany in the World Football Cup in 1966, so all is well (we don't talk about the 1970 World Cup match). Thanks for the information.

When it all boils down, it all goes to prove the stupidity of war. Football (soccer) is far better.


Thanks. Just thought I would do a little recycling of history.


The USA caused so much instability. The USA shouldn't decide who Haiti's leader will be anymore than Haiti should decide who the USA's leader should be.The USA rejects Haitian refugees but interferes in Haiti's affairs & says it did a lot to help its earthquake victims.